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A laughing boy being tickled by a woman holding him

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How to make a nanny contract

Get a nanny contract template
Use the nanny contract template to add your contact info and a bit about your children.
Add nanny agreement details
Add the details from the start date to time-off to your nanny contract template.
Save your nanny contract
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Start date & location
Payment information
Time-off & holidays (optional)
Schedule & responsibilities (optional)
Meals & accommodations (for live-in nannies)

Why parents love our nanny contracts

Use the nanny contract template
Answer easy questions to help build your nanny contract.
Preview your nanny contract
Whenever you’re ready, you can always preview your nanny contract.
Add to your nanny contract
Whether you have a full-time, part-time, or live-in, use your nanny contract template as a guide.
Make it official with a contract
Save your nanny contract & share your contract with your nanny.

Why should you use a nanny contract?

Build a foundation together
Make sure you & your nanny are on the same page with a nanny agreement.
Balance the personal and professional
Keep the parent-nanny relationship simple by setting boundaries with a nanny contract.
Create peace of mind
Enjoy the comfort of no surprises with a nanny agreement.

We’re here for you at every step of the hiring process

From background checks to handling payments, we’ve got services you can access whenever you need them.
Background Checks
Know your child is in good hands. Run a background check and get quick results.
Nanny Contracts
Customize our nanny contracts to your needs. Ensure everyone is on the same page.
Nanny Payroll Service
We pay your nanny the right way. Use our payroll service to process payments, withholdings, and taxes.

Get nanny contracts, background checks, and nanny payroll.

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