Nanny Share Payroll Service

We make paying your nanny simple for everyone involved.

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Full service payroll

We take care of…

Registering you as a household employer, allowing you to legally pay your household employee
Completing Federal and State tax filings: monthly (income tax, medicare, social security taxes) and quarterly (unemployment taxes)
Producing and submitting year-end documents (W2, W3)

Each pay cycle, we…

Transfer payments by direct deposit on your chosen pay cycle
Send pay stubs and receipts for you and your nanny
Calculate Federal and State tax deductions on pay stubs
Provide support with your dedicated nanny payroll representative

We make it easy for you

Handling split payments

Handling split payments

We will split the number of shared hours between families, rather than splitting the hourly rate. This way the total hourly rate is reflected and the nanny’s payment is split accordingly.
Uneven nanny share payments

Uneven nanny share payments

Let us know your default split of shared hours (i.e., 60/40, 67/33, etc.). You can update us each pay cycle if there are any changes including additional individual hours for one family.
Nanny Payroll for only one family in a nanny share

Nanny Payroll for only one family in a nanny share

We’ll manage your payroll needs, regardless of how the other family in your nanny share would like to handle their payroll.

Why nanny share?

Nanny share reduces the cost of the employee’s gross wage. The price of a nanny share is roughly 2/3 of the costs of a nanny for each family.
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Questions from parents

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Do both families need their own Federal EIN and State tax accounts?
Yes, since each family is considered an household employer, tax accounts cannot be shared or only set up for one half of the share.
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How long does it take to set up payroll?
About 1-2 weeks. As a part of your registration, we require you and your nanny to complete a few tax forms before running the first payroll.
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Is Nanny Lane Payroll offered in all states?
Yes, we offer services in all states! If you have state-specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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