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Choosing the best child care for your loved ones

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Illustration of nanny care
Costs for care

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Only child care with no extra help
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Child care with extra housekeeping help
Timing & scheduling

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Rigid times with no flexibility if things come up
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Fits your family’s needs and schedule
Drop-off & pick-up

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Rushed morning drop-offs and evening pick-ups
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Simple transitions with the comfort of your home
Germs & illnesses

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High exposure to germs can make little ones sick
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Protect your little ones by keeping them healthy
Child’s development

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Not enough care providers for individualized care
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Dedicated care based on your child’s needs
Making friends

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Interact with the same group of children
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Bond with children from the community
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Nanny shares, the best of both worlds

The Sylvester Family
We chose a nanny share because it allowed us to make sure that our child was getting great, individual attention from a person that we could trust while helping us to manage costs. We couldn’t afford to have one nanny, and found another family that was in a similar situation and shared our values.
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Why a nanny share is the right choice for your family

Affordable child care
Enjoy the flexibility and luxuries of having a nanny for a fraction of the cost.
Everyday playmates
Together kids can learn how to share, compromise, and adapt.
Flexible schedules
Break out of fixed daycare schedules and set times that work best for both families’ needs.
Focus on your child’s development
Be sure your child receives the attentive care they need with a nanny share.

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