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Create a Profile
Create a Profile

Tell nannies and families about yourself.

Connect & Hire
Connect & Hire

Message, interview & hire your favorite nanny or create your perfect Nanny Share.

Start Payroll
Start Payroll

We do all your nanny payroll and taxes for you.

Why Parents Love Nanny Lane

Options & FlexibilityOptions & Flexibility

Options & Flexibility

You have options based on your lifestyle and budget! Browse through both qualified individual nannies and local families who have a nanny to share.

Trusted & Safe CommunityTrusted & Safe Community

Trusted & Safe Community

You’re among a safe community of parents seeking quality care, and responsible nannies who will care for your kids as their own.

Everything in One PlaceEverything in One Place

Everything in One Place

Once you find the perfect nanny or family to share a nanny with, we help you draft your offer, set up payroll, and manage all nanny payroll and taxes.

What Is A Nanny Share?

A Nanny Share is when two families share one nanny, with children typically cared for at the same time.

The nanny has two employers and enjoys higher pay than the typical full-time position, while each family saves significantly on child care expenses.

Nanny Share Benefits

parents love & trust their nanniesparents love & trust their nannies

parents love & trust their nannies

There’s peace of mind in knowing you’ll share a nanny a family already loves.

More AffordableMore Affordable

More Affordable

Enjoy all the flexibility and luxuries of having a nanny for nearly half the cost.

Close SupervisionClose Supervision

Close Supervision

Your kids benefit from more one-on-one attention than they could ever receive at a crowded child care center.

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Nanny Share Cost Estimate

*Cost estimate based on $18/hr at 40hrs/wk


Family Cost
(1 Family)

Nanny Share

Cost per family
(2 Families)

What We Charge For Our Services

Only pay after you’ve hired your nanny.

Nanny Lane manages all your nanny taxes & payroll for $40/mo.

Nanny Taxes & Payroll Services

Nanny Tax & Payroll Filing
Nanny Tax & Payroll Filing

Precise payroll and tax calculations, filing all required documents at tax time.

Paystubs & Direct Deposit
Paystubs & Direct Deposit

You and your nanny automatically receive pay stubs and receipts each pay period.

Multi-Family Payments
Multi-Family Payments

Payroll is complicated, especially when two families are involved. We handle all payroll for nanny share families.


About Nanny Lane

Nanny Lane is part of the CareGuide family. At CareGuide, our mission is simple: pair families and individuals with great care providers. With thousands of user profiles, you’ll be able to find the best care provider for you, in your area.

With the Nanny Share offering, our goals are to help parents save money, help nannies earn more, and to connect families with each other - bringing the “it takes a village” mindset back into childcare.

About CareGuide

Child care is expensive and going up every year. I’m a dad of two, and my wife and I both work, so I get it. Employing our nanny is our biggest household expense! But I don’t mean to complain because she’s so wonderful and we are lucky to have her.

We created Nanny Lane to help families like mine. There are only so many wonderful nannies in each city… Why couldn’t a great nanny take care of kids from 2 families, in a “Nanny Share“, we thought. Parents save money, nannies make more, and kids get playmates.

We almost called this “Bananny Split“ instead of Nanny Lane. True story!

John Phillip Green
Chief Executive Dad

Nannies are educational leaders and strong individuals who leave a lasting impression on a child’s life.