Nanny Background Checks

Nanny Background Checks

When you find a great nanny, you want to just seal the deal. “We like you. You like us. When can you start?”-type of thing. But a great hire needs to be contingent on great references and a clean background check. Getting a look at someone’s history is the best way to set your family (and the other family, if you're in a Nanny Share) up for success.

Here are some ways to check your nanny’s background:

Google her name. Make sure to look for newspaper reports, her Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Twitter. See what articles come up about her and how she represents herself online.

Google image search her name. Even more importantly, what photos does she have online? Does this look like the same person you interviewed?

Call her references. Ask the tough questions. Learn how well they know each other (and Google this person, too). Ask specific questions about their work experience together. This type of background experience will give you a good gut instinct on whether you’re hiring the right person. Here are some questions you can ask your nanny's references.

Ask for extra references. If her only references aren’t giving you the depth you’re looking for, ask for more. Perhaps she worked at the mall, or was on the college soccer team. Your goal is to learn how responsible and mature she is, as well as how she communicates with people and forms relationships. Hopefully two or more people can give you an adequate glimpse into her professionalism.

Run a formal background check. There’s nothing like hard data to tell you about someone’s past. This service will do everything from identity verification to criminal record checking, and even a drug screening.

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