How to Set Up a Nanny Share

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You’ve heard the best way to save on a nanny is to set up a nanny share. But how do you get started? Here are three ways to get the ball rolling on your Nanny Share.

A nanny share is a fantastic way to save on the cost of a nanny, while still having the benefits of a great in-home sitter for your kiddos.

The main way families set up a nanny share is to find another family with kids around the same age, and the two families hire one nanny to care for their children simultaneously.

This results in sharing the costs, and negotiating details like schedules, vacations and pay, together.

However, another type of nanny share can occur when one family only needs a part-time nanny, but the nanny they found and love, needs full-time work. To keep everyone happy, the family finds another family to pick up the other hours, supplying the nanny with 40 hours of pay.

Both families get a professional nanny with the benefits of in-home care for their kids, and their nanny has a full-time job with two families who care about them.

Regardless of the type of nanny share you create, you need to find two main components another family and a great nanny. There are three main ways you can find these things - social media, online nanny share sites, and word of mouth.

Where to find families and nannies

Local Facebook Groups

Facebook can get the word out to the masses quickly and locally.

Make sure you’re a member of a local parent group.

Do you want a family with a similarly aged child so you can search for nannies together? Or do you have that fantastic nanny and want to promote you both as a package deal?

Write up what you’re looking for, and ask interested parents to private message you with some information about themselves and their child(ren).

You can use Facebook to scope out the people who responded, and then call or meet the families you feel would be a good match for you and your kids. Some Facebook parent groups don’t connect you with nannies looking for work, but they can be good for connecting with like-minded parents or getting nanny referrals from local families.

Nanny Share Sites

A nanny share site like Nanny Lane is a great way to use technology to find another local family who wants a nanny share outside of your friend and family circle, and a great nanny who wants to take part in a nanny share.

This comes with the added benefit of a matching system based on family details and values. Plus, a site like Nanny Lane also handles payroll automatically, sticking with the whole making-life-easy theme.

This is more of a one-step process for finding both a family and a nanny in one place, though you’ll of course still have to meet and interview both to make sure it’s a good fit. But the interview process is made easier for you, by reading our guide questions to ask other families

Word of Mouth

It may seem too basic to actually work, but word of mouth can help connect you with friends and friends-of-friends looking for the same thing; an affordable nanny.

All of the playgroups and parent-and-me classes you attend are a great way to connect with families that have the similarly-aged child(ren), and are close-by. These are people who know exactly what you’re going through and can help you find another family, a nanny, or both.

No matter how you set up your nanny share, remember that you will want to create a contract with both the other family and your new nanny. This will cover issues ranging from payment to vacation days, to the protocol if one child is sick.

Nanny sharing is an incredible way to save money on a nanny, and starting with clear guidelines will help set you all up for success.

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