Sample Nanny Job Offer

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How exciting - you've found a nanny you love and it's time to make her an offer!

The initial reaction is usually to pick up the phone and offer the position with the start date attached. While the job is centered around loving and nurturing your child, you should aim to create a professional relationship from the beginning.

A great first step is to call her with the good news, and let her know that a formal offer letter and nanny contract will be sent for her review. Also, make sure she knows that she's welcome to ask questions and suggest changes to these documents.

In your offer letter, these basics are the most important:

  • Start date
  • Hourly payment and minimum hours she can expect to be paid for each week
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Benefits offered
  • Documents you might need for your personal paperwork
  • Due date for submitting paperwork to a nanny payroll service

You can then go on to remind your new nanny that she will be an important part of your lives, and that you look forward to starting your long-term relationship.

Below is a sample nanny share job offer letter to get you started, which can be revised for hiring a nanny individually.

Sample Nanny Share Offer Letter

(Nanny’s Address Here)

(Today's date)

Dear _________________________,

It is our pleasure to offer you the job as the full-time nanny for the __________________ and ___________________ families. You have impressed us with your organization, maturity, and experience, and we feel you are an excellent fit for our Nanny Share team.

The role starts at (time) on (start date) at the home of __________________.

The hourly payment will be ________ (pre-tax). This is based on both families paying 2/3rds of the hourly rate you'd receive if you were working for one family, advantaging you for working in a Nanny Share. If working overtime for two families, the hourly rate will be (rate). If working overtime for one family, the hourly rate will be (rate). You can expect to be paid for at least ____ hours a week, 52 weeks a year.

You will find a list of benefits including paid time off and paid holidays attached to this contract.

As part of this nanny share, we hope you will consider yourself part of our extended family. We will aim to create open lines of communication, learning from each other along the way.

If you accept this job offer, please let us know by (date) and submit a copy of your license with the signed nanny contract. We will also need you to contact the payroll service we've chosen (like Nanny Lane's) with the required information to be paid legally.

We look forward to hearing from you!

(Both family names here)

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