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Meirra Birath
    - Seeking Work in New York

40.00 / hour
< 1 yr of experience

Dear Family,

I have been taking care of children since I was a child. I am the eldest of two girls and come from a large, very close, family. On one side I am the eldest girl of 20 cousins and have always been responsible for caring for those younger than me.

I have years of childcare experience. When I was 12 I started babysitting and I have continued babysitting, part-time and full-time nanny work since then. I have also worked for four years in an infant nursery at Grace Church as the head of the nursery; during this time I also worked the 2-3 year old nursery.

I taught children ages pre-k through high school English in Paraguay during a volunteer gap year there. While there I also started an after-school program for boys and girls to provide space for children who did not have supervision.

I have worked with youth instruction in language, dance, art and martial arts. I have worked as a lifeguard and am trained in first aid and CPR. I also have experience caring for special needs children.

What all of this adds up to is: I love children. I love working with them and investing in the future of this world.

I recently completed my undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Anthropology and Global Studies. I speak multiple languages including Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and French and have traveled extensively (these are experiences I would love to share with the children). After graduation I continued my work as an independent contractor--specializing in branding, social media and marketing--for non-profits. I have spent the past six months as a live-in nanny in the UWS for three children ages: 1.5, 4.5 and 7.5. I love dance, art and absolutely anything and everything outdoors. Right now I am focused on dance and art. I want to continue this track eventually and get my PHD at NYU in the Anthropology of Dance.

I also dance... a lot! I am a competitive ballroom and salsa dancer. NYC is a great place for dance. I love yoga, rock climbing, biking and meditating. I try to keep my lifestyle as natural and grounded as possible. I love to dance, I know I've already mentioned this but it's important: I'll dance anywhere and everywhere!

I enjoy being a nanny because it is a job that inspires; children have way of pulling the best out of people. I want a job that I am passionate about, and child care fits that criteria.

I am looking for a family that is supportive of the arts and creativity and desires to instill those values in their children. I would love to work with the children on language skills, or teach art, dance...whatever they are interested in learning!

I love planning adventures with the children I care for and these would take them outdoors for fresh air, space for creativity and exploration. I’m an avid camper and backpacker; I know the city doesn’t really have opportunity for that but similar skills can still be learned in an urban environment.

I like to work hard and hate being bored. I am laid-back and easy-going person. I really like to plan things (because adventures are fun!) and be organized (because it leaves more time for the fun stuff!). If you want to find out more about me feel free to ask me anything, I'm an open book! I also have references available upon request.

I hope to find a family that I can connect with so that we will be able to enrich each other's lives. I hope that could be you.

With Much Love,
Amanda Espinal
    - Seeking Work in New York

20.00 / hour
Full-time hours
2 yrs of experience

Hello, my name is Amanda Espinal. I am twenty-three years old, born and raised in Manhattan. I love reading and writing along with spending time with my family.

I've been around children my entire life. My first experience with a child was when I was twelve and my oldest sister gave birth to my beautiful baby niece. I babysat my niece a great deal of the time throughout the years.

My first formal experience with working with children was around high school, volunteering at a nearby elementary school. I helped children with homework as well as their emotional needs.

After finishing my first year of college, I spent my time working at a summer camp, ESF Camps. I was given the position of a camp counselor and put in charge of sixteen kindergarteners. For a month and a half, I was responsible for getting them to their activities on time, tending to their physical and emotional needs, and fostering a safe environment for them. It was a challenging time as it was the first time I was given sole supervision but the experience proved to be most fulfilling. This was the summer I learned how to engage with children with different personalities and come up with solutions that are suited to their individual needs.

I've been working with SASF (Sports and Arts Foundation) for about three and a half years now and it's where I've gained the most experience with children. The first two years with SASF, I was a counselor for middle schoolers. Like my role as a camp counselor with ESF, I was in charge of moving my group from one activity to another, keeping them engaged in every class while making sure of their safety. My current role at SASF as a Leadership Specialist was given to me at the start of my third year at SASF. As a Leadership Specialist, I teach my elementary school children several things. I teach them what is a leader, what makes a leader, and how to be an effective leader. In order to do this, I have to teach them how to talk to their peers, how to show respect their peers, how to express their emotions in healthy ways, and much more. My goal with this is while they learn how to be leaders in their own right, they will also learn how to be better people.

The reason why I became a caregiver and continue to do what I do is because I love playing a part in my students’ social and emotional development, and watching them grow into better versions of themselves.

I’m First Aid and CPR Certified :)
Erika Velez
    - Seeking Work in New York

15.00 / hour
Full-time hours
5 yrs of experience

Erika Velez
450 West 42nd Street
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[email hidden]

Create an account to contact Erika Velez!
[phone number hidden]

• Knowledgeable in Early Childhood Development
• Experienced with children from new born to pre-teen age, and multiples
• Experienced in sleep training and scheduling infants
• Excellent swimmer and very active (indoors and outdoors)
• Strong discretion and respectful of boundaries
• Proficient in computer
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
• Equally fluent in English and Spanish
• Professional, tactful, diplomatic manner and outstanding interpersonal skills
• Down to earth, meticulous and highly organized
• Experience creating balanced, nutritious (organic) meals for children of all ages
• Safe driver with clean record
• Master’s Degree in Marketing, 2013
• Master’s Degree in International Commerce, 2010
• Bachelor of Science in Finance, April 2006
• High School Diploma: Instituto Cultural Bilingue Panama City, Panama.

January 2013 – Present Moldovan Family, Chelsea N.Y.
Nanny;Cared for two children - 2 years old and 3 months old.

Daily Duties, but not limited to
• Provide age appropriate stimulation and play for children – including development of fine motor skills, language development, etc.
• Sleep and potty-training, if needed.
• Provide innovative educational and intellectual stimulation - including taking the children to museums, reading, playing games, art projects, listening to various music, etc.
• Engage the children in age appropriate physical activities - from playing sports/games, visits to the park, playgrounds, play dates, classes, etc.
• Expand the children's wider cultural knowledge – museum visits, reading, educational games, developing their foreign language skills, etc.
• Encourage children’s curiosity and sense of exploration
• Preparation of healthy and nutritious meals and snacks for children
• Organize and maintain adequate supplies (i.e., diapers, formula, wipes, disposable pads, etc.)
• Provide daily updates about children’s health & well-being
• Provide periodic updates when parents are not with the children (i.e., text, phone call)
• Housekeeping: children’s room and play areas clean, organized, and neat. • Laundry: children’s clothes, linens, towels, etc.


Mrs. Jocelyn Moldovan
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[phone number hidden]

Irina Nazarchuk
    - Seeking Work in New York

12.00 / hour
Full-time hours
26 yrs of experience

Ирина Назарчук Борисовна
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[phone number hidden]

Create an account to contact Irina Nazarchuk!
[email hidden]

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[phone number hidden]
- Домохозяйка, свое жилье (двухэтажный коттедж),
- Наличие водительских прав: есть
• Занятость: договорная
• График работы: полный рабочий день
• Желаемые условия работы:
-уборка квартиры/дома,;
- приготовление домашней пищи(вкусно и разнообразно готовлю);
- закупка продуктов;
- сопровождение ребенка и организация досуга, посещение театров, спортивных секций и других мероприятий.
- соблюдение режима дня;
- развивающие игры, прогулки;
- кормление;
- гигиена.
Образование: Минский техникум советской торговли(«Минский государственный торговый колледж»)
Специальность: (товароведение непродовольственных товаров)
Квалификация: Товаровед, диплом специалиста.
О себе:
Очень люблю детей. Быстро нахожу с ними контакт. Правильная и грамотная речь. Вкусно готовлю. Здорова. Ежегодно прохожу медицинское обследование.
Скромная, трудолюбивая, энергичная, отзывчивая , добрая, внимательная, скрупулезная, ответственная, исполнительная, наблюдательная, дисциплинированная, терпеливая, обучаемая, уравновешенная, высокой уровень ответственности, неконфликтная - умение разрешать конфликты и прислушиваться к конструктивной критике.
Shakira Torres
    - Seeking Work in New York

20.00 / hour
9 yrs of experience

Hey there my name is Shakira, I am a student at Lehman College aspiring to be a teacher for elementary aged children which makes me a great candidate to care for your little ones as I have knowledge and background in childcare and their overall development. Alongside this, I have a genuine love for children. With that said, I have been hired through multiple caregiving companies all of which have connected me to numerous families whom were all great to work with. However they were temporary jobs. As a sitter I am committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment yet fun experience for your little ones whom I can't wait to meet. Furthermore I am the perfect candidate, because I have experience in caring for children between the ages of infancy-adolescents. I am familiar with everything ranging from putting little ones down for a nap, tummy time, feeding and getting them into a routine, and creating a fun and nurturing environment for the children as their parents are away at work, busy running errands or just need a second hand. I am passionate about the arts so I love incorporating that in any activities we may do! Along side this I am able to work hand in hand with parents as a support member to their family needs and contributing to your families growth, and maintaining a great family foundation. In addition to this, like you I know you want to ensure your child's safety so I have taken the initiative to get First aid and CPR certified as it is just as important for me to ensure your child's safety as it is to you. I am also a member of the American Heart Association and participate frequently in training seminars on the newest developments in the field of child care. Furthermore I have mentioned that I can provide all the particles needed, background checks and knowledge within this industry. I am looking forward to meeting the next family I'll have the pleasure of working with as I will be providing my expertise, professionalism and respect for your family. Please consider as I am well equipped to handle your needs.
Claudia Winand
    - Seeking Work in New York

25.00 / hour
Full-time hours
5 yrs of experience

I v always adored being with kids. I was born and raised in Italy ( I m an American citizen) in a fantastic family. My dad is a judge and my mother was teacher at the University of Giurisprudenza in Torino. I v started watching kids during high school , but, more than a job, it was a immense pleasure spending as much time as possible with babies and children. I found that we both learn from each other!
I m attentive, precise.. I believe that lhealty and balanced nutrition for the body with attention to right breathing techniques, lots of fresh air, constant stimulation with games, reading and different lenguages, help babies to keep their awareness alive and open all through their growth process. I m a firm believer in baby yoga following Eline Snel and John Kabat-Zinn method and as less tv as possible. Cleanliness and organizations are important tools to establish the same order in our minds and kids love to learn all this skills through games s, songs. I will entroduces kids to music, singing. Would not have a problem spending nights when needed , taking care of parties when requested and working long hours. I raised two kids by myself and I wish for my new employee family to meet them because they are the best reference anyone could show for themself.! They have lost their dad very young and I have become their mother and father and, althow my job is not jet done there and never will, I am proud of whome they are becoming and it is thanks to them I can afford to keep working and trust them alone at home ( with a sitter of course) when requested for me to work longer hours or spend nights at work.
I speak English, Italian
And Spanish and I would be teaching them to the kids if allowed from the parents.
I am fun, but delicate and firm at the same time. I truly enjoy babies and children, their company; I m aware and mindful. I m also an excellent driver with a clean driving record, really good cook , reading lover and really honest as I demand others to be towards me.
Not finding what you’re looking for?
Consider Nanny Shares in New York!

Nanny Share is when two families share one nanny. The nanny has two employers and enjoys higher pay, while each family saves significantly on child care expenses.

The families below have found a nanny they trust, and are looking for another family to join them to save on childcare costs. Learn more about Nanny Share.

The Green Safady Family
    - Hiring in' New YorkCarla  F
     - Nanny Share Member

with Carla F
17.00 / hour
1 child
2 years with nanny

Our awesome, loving, attentive nanny Carla currently cares for our (Almost) 2 year old son along with another little girl (also 2). The share has worked out so well and the kids adore each other but the other family is moving to Brooklyn for a bigger space and we are searching for a new family for our share.
Carla takes the kids to classes and to the park. She prepares meals and snacks for them and teaches them everything (letters, numbers, how to share;).
She gets right down in the kids level, playing with them, coloring, reading, singing, she is very engaged. The kids love her and so do we!
Currently the share is at our apartment on 11th street and 4th ave. The closer you live the easier it will be.
We would like someone to start August but the start date is flexible.
Please contact me if you’re interested at
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[email hidden]
The Défossé Family
    - Hiring in' New YorkNicky Williams
     - Nanny Share Member

with Nicky Williams
16.00 / hour
1 child
4 months with nanny

Hi there

I am Claire (French), mother of Thelma, she is 5 months old and we are looking for family to do nanny share from Monday to Thrusday 9-6pm and some Firday mornings too.
We already have a nanny and we can do the share in our place. We live in Williamsburg very close to the Bedford Avenue station (L train).
Please contact me if you are a family.

Thank you in advance Claire & Maxime
The Christovich Family
    - Hiring in' New YorkLaleech 
     - Nanny Share Member

with Laleech
17.00 / hour
1 child
2 months with nanny

Looking for a family to share our nanny 9-5 M-F - Ideally with a baby that is about Scarlett’s age (born November 2017). We live in Gramercy and would like to share with a family who lives nearby! We can alternate apartments or keep it all at one apartment. We have a dog and my husband works from home, so we are flexible with location. Thanks!!
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