Background Check Details

We take childcare seriously. Nanny Lane partners with to conduct fast and compliant screenings through their encrypted and secure databases.

After a background check is conducted, the family will receive results indicating if the nanny passed or failed. Nannies are advised to communicate the completed background check results, and families are encouraged to ask for the detailed report too.

We check for all felony convictions and certain misdemeanor convictions. If any of these charges show up on a person’s record, it’s an automatic fail. Below is a list of the charges we screen for in our background checks.

Felony Charge
The person committed a serious crime.

Misdemeanor Charge
The person committed a minor wrongdoing.

Screenings for felony charges only
Vehicles & TrafficUnsafe OperationSpeedingLicense & RegistrationVehicle EquipmentParking
StatutoryCustody & SupportPublic NuissanceSafety & ZoningFish & GameAnimal OrdinancesGambling ReportMiscellaneous Citations & Violations
Fraud & DeceptionBusiness & Tax
Screenings for felony or misdemeanor charges
Criminal IntentConspiracyAccessoryCriminal ToolsOrganized CrimeObstructionCourt Orders
Fraud & DeceptionFraudEmbezzlementCyber CrimesBribery & CorruptionIdentity Theft & ImpersonationForgeryWorthless Check
Theft & RobberyRobberyBurglaryArsonTheftPetty TheftPossession of Stolen PropertyVandalism & MischiefTrespassing
ViolenceAssault & BatteryChild & Elder AbuseHarassment & ThreatsAbduction & RestraintWeapons & EndangermentDisorderly BehaviorAnimal Cruelty
HomicideIntentional HomicideAttempted HomicideUnintentional Killing
Drugs & AlcoholDrugs-Sale & ManufactureDrugs-Marijuana Possession/UseDriving under the Influence (DUI)Drugs-Possession/UseAlcohol & Tobacco
SexualSexual AbuseLewd BehaviorProstitution
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