The Cooley Family - Hiring in Memphis
The Cooley Family - Hiring in Memphis

The Cooley Family

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2 yr old girl
5 yr old girl
I am a single mom, busy professional
with two beautiful little girls.
I typically work ten 24hr shifts a month.
I need someone to arrive by 6am. I am out the door at 6:30. During school time,
duties include preparing breakfast, packing lunch for the oldest, getting both girls up and dressed for the day.
Both attend same school about a mile from my home. School starts at 8:20 for them both.

The youngest is to be picked up at 11:20. During the three hours, I expect some light house cleaning, toy organization, children's laundry needs, and/or errands/grocery.

For the youngest, after school she typically is ready for lunch and a nap.

The oldest is to be picked up 3:20. If there is no soccer or activity planned,
then spending the afternoon outdoors and playing is essential. Dinner, baths, and copious amounts of reading bedtime stories.

Overnights are definitely part of this job.
There is a bedroom for childcare providers.
I am open to a live-in. Once the girls are asleep, I expect the nanny to get much-needed sleep as well.

I typically return home around 8am after a 24hr shift. Most shifts I don't sleep at all, so
covering the morning routine would be expected as well. After girls off to school,
you can usually go until the next 24hr shift.

I really need a nanny-an anchor for the household. I would love the girls to have a consistent person.

I pay well and expect superior care of my children in return.