The Mattix Family - Hiring in Midvale
The Mattix Family - Hiring in Midvale

The Mattix Family

start: May 20, 2019
9 yr old boy
6 yr old girl
5 yr old girl
3 yr old girl
0 - 5 mth old girl
Meal prep
Light housekeeping
Special needs
Driver’s License
Has car
The Mattix Madhouse is looking for a caring, preferable CNA certified woman to care for our monkeys due to my wife having a terminal illness and only being able to do so much.

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The Mattix Family - Hiring in Midvale
The Mattix Family
Midvale$10/hr  |  5 kids
I have 5 kids. Carsten 9, Aria 6, Sundee 5, Mary 3, and Danielle 5months.

Aria is terminally ill and has a gtube for her meds and night feedings. She has epilepsy and has had 9 strokes, hearing loss, vision loss and she also has Autism. She also eats like a horse, though you wouldn’t know it to look at her.

Carsten is 9 and very good natured but also very lazy. He and Sundee fight if left unattended.

Sundee has a difficult time listening, but can be the biggest helper when she wants to.

Mary copies everything Sundee does. She’s sweet, funny and quirky. She loves her baby sister.

Danielle is 5 months old and exclusively breastfeeding, so there would be very little interaction with her.

I have the same terminal illness as Aria which is why we are seeking a nanny. Hours would vary depending on my husband’s work schedule. We need someone who is trained with feeding tubes and first aid, preferably someone with a CNA certification. Duties would include helping me with the children, ie feeding, bathing, dressing, motivating them to do their chores, etc. There are many days when I am physically unable to get up and do much of anything other than nurse Danielle. A drivers license and own car is preferred in case of a medical emergency, or if pickup from school is needed when school begins again. There’s also a teenager in the home, but he’s rarely home and keeps to himself when he is home. He’s very aggressive with the younger children, and has gotten physical with them in the past, which is why I don’t ask him for help.