The Noël Family - Hiring in New York
The Noël Family - Hiring in New York

The Noël Family

start: TBD
1 yr old boy
6 yr old boy
Meal prep
Light housekeeping
Hi! We are a happy family of four living in the northern part of Greenpoint, next to McGolrick Park. We are looking for a nanny to take care of our 2 boys in a full-time job. It would only be starting mid-July - I'm just putting the ad out now in case a great nanny knows that she will be free from this summer and wants to secure a new job already now.
The youngest boy is 1.5 years and he is home all day, the oldest of 6 goes to a nearby school. He would need to be picked up at 2.30 every day, and taken care of until we come home (+all day on school closing days/holidays) Working hours we are looking for is 8AM to 5.30 PM. They are both very active boys, and need to play outside everyday, so we're looking for somebody who likes to be outside! We would prefer a person who lives in the area, or close by, who knows other nannies in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area to make playdates etc. on own initiative. We can guarantee a high number of paid days off during the year, as we travel quite frequently with the kids. In exchange we would expect some flexibility from your side.