The Reeves Family

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8 yr old girl
10 yr old boy
11 yr old girl
12 yr old girl
Meal prep
Driver’s License
Has car
I have 4 awesome nieces and nephews! They live full time with my parents ( who have full custody). My parents are struggling to run a business and raise 4 school aged kiddos, especially since I am their youngest and am 24. I work full time as an RN at night, so my help is limited. They are the sweetest bits. We would need help Monday-Thursday every week from 2:30-7:00pm. They would need help with homework and studying. We would also like for our nanny to prepare dinner for them. They ride the bus, so pickup would not be necessary! They are pretty self-sufficient kiddos, and only need a little guidance and some reminders to fold their laundry, and prepare their lunches for the next day, etc. They are in grades 2, 4, 5, and 6. Three girls and one boy. They are very loving kiddos! We also have a small dog...but he would be no bother and the kids adore him!