The Shulsen Family

start: TBD
3 yr old girl
6 yr old girl
I am looking for a very part-time many to help me 10 - 15 hours per week in exchange for a private furnished room and bathroom. I have two girls, 3 and 6, who are very sweet, easy-going kids. Schedule would be flexible, so if you wanted/needed a part-time job, you could have one. This gig is not additionally paid, just the part-time help in exchange for the room. Please, no pets.

Nanny Jobs near Vineyard

The Arballo Family
Vineyard$11/hr  |  2 kids
Looking for a nanny for my 2 kids during this summer while I am in school. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am-1pm. My schedule will change in August if you’re wanting to keep nannying for us during the fall semester as well. You’ll probably hardly ever see our 6 year old, she is always at our neighbor friend’s house playing literally all day. Our 2 year old boy is…a boy haha. A very typical boy. Also just want to mention that my husband is a disabled veteran and can't work so he is home most of the time. When he is home, he needs help with the kids because he has short term memory loss from a traumatic brain injury he received while serving in the Coast Guard and can get really confused. But, when he is home, he is usually just doing his own thing. He is always either doing yard work, resting, out jogging, out paddle boarding, talking with neighbors, or watching The Office. He is a ridiculously laid back guy, he is a typical surfer from California, he is just really pleasant to be around and he is literally every single person in our entire neighborhood's favorite person here. I basically live in his shadow. So you will like him. But he also has a TV upstairs if you ever want to use ours in the living room. So you would see him a lot. Our dog is a female boxer and she is also a ridiculously laid back dog. Especially for a boxer. So chill and easy, you'll hardly ever notice her once you get through the front door. Our neighborhood is amazing, there is so much in walking distance for the kid's entertainment. Huge splashpad and park right across the street, trails, pond, clubhouse with pool, and the Vineyard movie theater is about a 2 minute drive. We also have a fenced in backyard to hang in with privacy and without worry the kid will wander. There are like 50 kids in the neighborhood so they have tons of friends to also play with if you like just sitting outside and watching. You'd need your own transportation.