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A little bit about me…I am a spunky, fun, loving woman that loves kids! I just graduated high school & I am looking for a nanny job that can help me save up money for college! I have a niece I have watched and took care of most of my life & I have enjoyed every second of it! I am available full time!
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Caitlin S.
Medford$12.37/hr  |  < 1 yr experience
Firstly I have an HUGE family and spent a lot of time caring for the younger children. I grew up in Hawaii so we didn't rely on television for entertainment, the kids and myself would go to the beach, hiking, arts and crafts etc. In my later years after moving to Oregon I helped with friends of families so they could enjoy a night out or just a break from reality. More currently however I worked at a therapeutic boarding school for all girls between the ages of nine to fifteen (sometimes past graduates would come for a "refresher" course and were around seventeen eighteen and so on) I was the kitchen manager of this school for a while but that wasn't just about cooking and leaving it at that this was a very interesting position that taught me a lot. I grew to know the girls very well, as they were living on campus 365 days a year (other than visits) so we became there secondary family. Girls would come to me and confide in me with problems of just about anything they needed a listing ear for. It was very important to have a compassionate demeanor towards these students but still remaining firm boundaries with them. It was important to create positive relationships with these students to become a positive role model in their lives at the school. However it was a fine line that you had to respect as some girls had attachment issues and you had to constantly be on your toes to ensure they knew you were a staff member and were their for them and their safety. In addition to being the kitchen manager I also attended many field trips, going rock climbing, taking them to a local farm to see how and where food comes from, I was also their soccer coach for three years and loved every part of this position.