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Karisa G.
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I recently worked at a day care facility in San Francisco. Daily tasks include preparing snacks(morning and afternoon) as well as breakfast and lunch. Making appropriate meals for children ages 2months to 4years. Regular diaper changes throughout the day and setting up the nap room. Some activities done with the children are outdoor playtime. This facility emphasized on much outdoor play in Stern Grove. We would take the children on walks through the park. Nature and nurturing was important. Infant experience, 4 babies at this facility, 6 months, 8 months and twins 7 months old. Previously worked for a family for 2.5 years position ending in February 2011. The children were ages 5 girl,6 boy and 11 boy at the time of my end date. I worked approximately 25-30 hours a week with more hours during school holiday break and summer breaks. During the school week. Duties included picking up children from school, assisting/checking with homework with all three children. Homework assistance ranging from basic math and reading to special class projects. I would prepare meals, requiring me to cook occasionally. The children were allowed some play time before bed, then I would supervise proper nightly hygiene and put children in rooms for bed. Saturday would be a full 8 hour day. I prepare meals for all the children breakfast and lunch, occasionally dinner but usually their mother would be home by their dinner time. The day consisted of a lot of interaction with the children, they were very active and imaginative children. We constantly played outdoors, the boys were into building forts and kickball which I always had to closely supervise for one their safety and also to make sure the little one (Ma Cayla) was treated fairly. Being a girl having other interests than the boys, Ma Cayla and I would sometimes play inside doing arts and crafts, I have a lot of crafts for the children that I would bring over. She was also into story writing, so she would write stories and I would help illustrate. I grew very close to this family, we built a very nice relationship together and cared for one another as family. In addition, I also care for two brothers ages 6 and 3 (the youngest was 6mnth when I started). I have been with this family for 2 years plus and I still sit for them on occasional date nights. I care for the boys in the evening so day meals are not required but I do prepare a healthy meal at dinner. The children are on a very strict schedule, when I arrive we have play time where we do various activities indoors, coloring, doing board games, puzzles or building blocks and Lego's. After dinner I may read several books before bed unless parents give permission to watch age appropriate movie, no television.