Claudia W. - Seeking Work in New York
Claudia W. - Seeking Work in New York

Claudia W.

start: TBD
5 yrs experience
A little bit about me…I v always adored being with kids. I was born and raised in Italy ( I m an American citizen) in a fantastic family. My dad is a judge and my mother was teacher at the University of Giurisprudenza in Torino. I v started watching kids during high school , but, more than a job, it was a immense pleasure spending as much time as possible with babies and children. I found that we both learn from each other!
I m attentive, precise.. I believe that lhealty and balanced nutrition for the body with attention to right breathing techniques, lots of fresh air, constant stimulation with games, reading and different lenguages, help babies to keep their awareness alive and open all through their growth process. I m a firm believer in baby yoga following Eline Snel and John Kabat-Zinn method and as less tv as possible. Cleanliness and organizations are important tools to establish the same order in our minds and kids love to learn all this skills through games s, songs. I will entroduces kids to music, singing. Would not have a problem spending nights when needed , taking care of parties when requested and working long hours. I raised two kids by myself and I wish for my new employee family to meet them because they are the best reference anyone could show for themself.! They have lost their dad very young and I have become their mother and father and, althow my job is not jet done there and never will, I am proud of whome they are becoming and it is thanks to them I can afford to keep working and trust them alone at home ( with a sitter of course) when requested for me to work longer hours or spend nights at work.
I speak English, Italian
And Spanish and I would be teaching them to the kids if allowed from the parents.
I am fun, but delicate and firm at the same time. I truly enjoy babies and children, their company; I m aware and mindful. I m also an excellent driver with a clean driving record, really good cook , reading lover and really honest as I demand others to be towards me.