Elizabeth R. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles
Elizabeth R. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Part-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Elizabeth R.

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A little bit about me…My name is Elizabeth Rodas , I have been babysitting since 2015.
I am very relaiable and always ensuring a safe environment. I am outgoing, creative/ artistic, and enjoy outdoor activities. I enjoy learning from children just as much as I like showing and teaching them new things. Always looking for new opportunities to work with children to help me with my career.

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Driver’s License
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Fluent Languages
Sep 2018 – Jun 2019 (1yrs 9mo)

Mar 2017 – Jun 2019 (2yrs 3mo)

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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…i have worked as a host for birthday parties , i've coached sports, as well as watched over kids at a gym.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I am artistic, creative ,and sporty ! Love to play baseball and basketball, also enjoy dancing! Outside adventures are the best !
The most important part about being a nanny…Learning and teaching one another new things everyday !
My experience with special needs children…Since high school i have had a special kind of care for kids with special needs . I love to help them grow and fit in with many other kids
My favorite nanny moment…My favorite nanny moment had to be when one of the kids I’ve watched for about 2 years now wrote that I was someone special in his life on his school paper!
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Angelique Z. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Part-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Angelique Z.

Hello, my name is Angelique Zetina Smith. I am 26 years old. I have been a nanny for the past 7 years and absolutely love it. During my 7 years, I have worked with 3 different family, including my current family - 2 years, 3 years and currently 1.5 years, respectively.

I have worked with children of all different ages ranging from 0months-16 years old.

I would absolutely love to be given the opportunity to work along with a family that I can share my love, compassion and artistic side with.

I am willing to go above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of your child(ren) by observing and assisting with their physical and emotional development as I proudly possess a background in early childhood development.

Nannying is my passion and I would love to share that passion with your family.
Blanca S. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Blanca S.

Hello, I'm Blanca! I love working with children, and helping a family reach it's full potential everyday! I have over 22 years of experience. I've worked with twins, multiples, newborn, to teen. I am calm and neutral energy that can read the room. I think ahead, and use my intuition to ask myself as a parent where and how would I need help? How can I step in to be of assistance? How can I help the flow of the family? I use my experience as a parent to help run a successful household.
Amy L. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Part-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Amy L.

Lindsay A. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Los Angeles, CA: Lindsay A.

Hi, my name is Lindsay, I am 21 years old and I am currently a toddler/preschool teacher in a daycare. I am looking for something new and hoping to relocate to California, I am currently living in the Boston area. I have been working in childcare for about 5 years now, and working with children is my passion.
Henley S. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Henley S.

Hello! I’m a twenty four year old who just moved to LA from Virginia. I am a teacher, but looking for work as a nanny in between school years. I enjoy spending time at the beach, exploring new places, creating music, and running! I’ve loved working with kids since I was 16 years old which is why I decided to get my degree in elementary education from the University of Virginia in 2017. After that my passion for travel took me to Australia for a year, where I worked as a live in nanny. I’m excited to meet new families and enjoy my new life in sunny Los Angeles!
Yasmin N. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Yasmin N.

I live in Long Beach and love to work with kids. I've been nannying for over 11 years now and am 23. I have plenty of experience with children of all ages and am very reliable and hardworking. I love working with kids and every family that I've been a nanny for has loved me and the work I put in for their children. I would love to be considered for this position and am trying to find a full time nanny position since I just moved here.
Kaylynn  H. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Kaylynn H.

Compassionate, nonsmoker nanny with 3+ years experience. Seeking to enhance daily care for any family that i can help. Served as live-in nanny for over two years. Ensured physical activity 355 days/yr. Enhanced math scores by 35% through. Certified Child Development Associate (CDA).Proficient in communicating with children at different developmental stages, and strong ability to assist children with school work. Consistently receive outstanding feedback from parents and children, with numerous referrals.
Sheily B. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Part-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Sheily B.

Hi my name is sheily I’m currently 17 years old I’ve taken care of kids before right after school I’m great with kids , I’m really patient and loving. I have a little sister and I have one cat and one dog
Jessica  G. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Los Angeles, CA: Jessica G.

in 2013 I graduated as a nurse in my country El salvador in 2016 I worked as a nanny taking care of 3 children 1 child of 7 months 1 girl of 2 years and 1 girl of 5 and in 2018 I was in another job taking care of twins were 3 months old and until now they have 1 year 4 months. I will not work with the twins anymore because I will move to live in Riverside I have 1 child of 8 years

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