Hailey O. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles
Hailey O. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Part-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Hailey O.

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A little bit about me…My name is Hailey, I have been taking care of children from ages 1-10 for years. I love interacting with kids, helping clean, and seeing them have a good time! I have always been recommended for a babysitter. Considering I have always been the oldest sibling/cousin in the family teaching me a few things consisting on responsibility and the care of children and the importance!

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Sun–Fri 8:00AM – 6:00PM
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Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Aug 2020 – Jun 2021 (1yrs 10mo)

Jan 2018 – Mar 2019 (1yrs 2mo)
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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I have volunteered at AYSO soccer park community and have helped special needed children play soccer games and I was in charge as referee. I made sure they knew their part throughout the game, held their hand while running, cheered them on, helped them kick, etc. I have also nannied a special care needed child where I was able to entertain him with arts and crafts, be able to read his facial expressions since there wasn’t much talking from the child, and I have also came to become very good friends with them:)
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I like to ride my roller blades with my brothers as they skate, arts and crafts, I like to take walks, teaching children basic early education, playing imagination games, painting pictures, playing dress up, and pretending to play a certain character and making a whole new world with children is enjoyable.
The most important part about being a nanny…The most important part to being a nanny is accompanying the children you are taking care of 24/7 because it is important that you are doing your required job. I also find it very important to keep the child happy at all times since they are basically a reflection of your work. Tidinesses is also another thing I like to keep track of and introduce to the children if they aren’t so neat.
My experience with special needs children…Children with special needs require extra attention and specific care. You cannot temper them or else they will continue to dislike you from there on out. You must make sure you acquire to their needs immediately.
My favorite nanny moment…A funny memory I have had was with this 6 year old girl who loved to bake. She wanted to make a milkshake and cookies for herself and we both forgot to put the lid over and ended up being showered with ice cream and milk. We both ended up laughing on the floor and tasting the ice cream dripping from our faces.
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Bryan Q. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Bryan Q.

I’m a working adult (night shift) trying to make means to care for those that depend on me and I see myself as an individual with the means to be able to care for a child with certain needs.
Flexible with payment
I always like to give children attention and would love to have a relaxing yet attentive work environment. I don’t mind any age range if given the correct stipulations and guidelines I’m sure I can follow them to a T. I don’t have a elaborate history with working with children just caring for the ones in my family whenever they’re near.
I would have an availability of 6-7am to 3-5pm
Ashley P. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Part-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Ashley P.

Hello, my name is Ashley, and I'm a college student. I have experience caring for my younger brother for two years, and I continue to do so even though he is now ten. When he was younger, around the age of 7, whenever my mom needed so she can go to work and travel, she would leave me in charge of taking care of my little adorable brother. I choose his clothes, give him a bath, prepare meals for him, change him, clean up the house because he’s a messy boy, clean the dishes, play with him, buy him what he wants like chicken nuggets, and keep an eye on him in case he eats something he shouldn't. The days I’m available is Monday & Wednesdays to 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Ana S. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Part-Time Nanny Available in Los Angeles, CA: Ana S.

Hello, my name is Ana Sajche. I am 19 years old as well as a college student attending Santa Monica College, majoring in Early Childhood Education. As a person, I am trustworthy, caring, kind, creative, artistic, and love to have some fun with kids. I enjoy doing arts and crafts with them or play with them based on their age. I may be young, however, I have had a ton of experience with helping to care for my 4 younger siblings and babysitting my newborn nephew. I hope to create a safe space for your child and gain experience with working with children and improve as a nanny along the way.
Robin H. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Los Angeles, CA: Robin H.

22. A caring person, that wants to help people.
I have the time and the spirit.
In high school I used to volunteer at day cares to take care of kids.
My first job after high school was taking care of my mentor’s daughter. Also preparing lunches, and sometimes dinners. I would clean and tidy up the house as well.
Joselyn M. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Joselyn M.

Hello! My name is Joselyn, I am 18 years old. I currently have about 2 years of experience. I first started mainly babysitting for my family , then started getting professional babysitting every now and then. I am currently a Teacher Aid during the school year at Marianna Elementary. That being said , I have summers off , so I am currently looking for a strictly Summer job. I am also going to school to become a teacher . Can't wait to meet you !
Evelyn F. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Evelyn F.

Hello I am Evelyn.I just graduated high school and I would love to get experience with children for my future degree. I am eighteen years old and I love children and cooking.
Karina G. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Live-In Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Karina G.

Hi parents I’m Karina a 35 years old. I consider myself happy outgoing person. I have been a nanny for the past 9 years I’ve work as both live in/out. Taking care of your child is and always will be my priority with dedication and love.I’m a very active person going on long walks parks or just being in the backyard playing reading keeping baby active. Keeping the baby areas clean doing the baby’s laundry I’m always willing to help out wherever needed.
Dora L. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Dora L.

My focus is to help each child achieve their full potential/first years, to support parent's needs related to child care and to be an extension of you when you can't be there. I do light housecleaning, cooking and laundry for the children. I am organized and neat, trustworthy and dependable. I am loyal, honest, and patient. Safety in the work place,I am protective and I care for your children as if they are my own. I love being active between structured and free play times with the children.
I have worked in various locations in L.A for over 18 years.
Yessica C. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Los Angeles, CA: Yessica C.

Hello! My name is Yessica. I enjoy working with children! I have experience working in an Early Child Education setting and Elementary. My minor for my undergraduates was in Child Development. I enjoy playing outside, crafts, singing, dancing and being educationally active with children.

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