Hannah F. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne
Hannah F. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Live-In Full-Time Babysitter Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Hannah F.

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A little bit about me…Hello! I am a beauty school student who typically works in retail during the busy holiday season! I am looking to become a child-care provider because I have been helping my sister with her kids for years! The day to day struggle of being a parent for her as a single mom was a real one! It took a long time to figure out where we could all really help her out. In the end it made me most sense to have me live with her during this difficult time! I got lots of hands of experience of infant and toddler care during this time! I ended up staying with her for around a year to bring up her 2 year old at the time, and help care for the new baby also! When I left Lily and Bentley they were set up for success as I taught my sister meal prepping, and how to schedule house work into her busy schedule. To this day I'm still her emergency contact when things get a bit messy! However they are getting to be older now and my sister has mastered being a mom, so I'm not needed as much!

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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…Growing up with siblings you are kind of a god-given baby sitter is what my parents used to say! So growing up with two younger siblings, one was three years younger than me and the other was five years younger. I have experience with helping my mom a lot because my dad would work third shift. Making food was my first way of helping! As early as five years old I would make macaroni for the kids or something easy like that. As for house-work I'm a trained pro, as I own my own house and have a fiancé to clean up after! I have been changing diapers since I had just gotten out of them so that's no problem!
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I love going to any sort of play ground with swings! They always remind me of the good old days at recess! I love being able to take my niece and nephew to a park and play with them as if I'm a kid too! They love any sort of running games, I play tag with them often!
The most important part about being a nanny…Providing care that the parents would have provided if they could have been there! I have met the most dedicated parents, and not even they can be there all the time!! To take some time for yourselves sometimes I think is extremely important, as becoming a new family can be a very special time.
My experience with special needs children…My only experience was when I did peer-tutoring in 8th grade at Carroll! It was a very hands-on approach on how to help, they really just threw us in and started having us replace the teachers-aids! That allowed for a kind of culture that accepted differences and allowed for the special-needs kids to develop friendships, and bonds with kids they went to school with.
My favorite nanny moment…One very early morning, the new born baby was keeping my sister up all night, as well as her 2 y.o. at the time and Lily at 2 just looks up at me and says "can we give him back?" This was such an innocent little expression to maybe get her some more sleep, and I will never forget this moment. I think 2 year olds say the most interesting things!
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Hannah G. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Part-Time Babysitter Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Hannah G.

Heyy, I’m Hannah. I am currently a nursing student and also have been a CNA for 2 years now! I have 12 siblings younger and older so I am very experienced when it comes to child care of all ages! I have given cause to a child with autism so I do have some experience when it come to that as well! Please reach out if you would need my help!
Shanyah B. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Part-Time Nanny Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Shanyah B.

Hi I’m shanyah I’m 18 I been babysitting since I was 9 I really like the out door so the kids will have fun we will go to parks, sky zone, any fun activities
Ariel and Sophia D. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Ariel and Sophia D.

Hello, our names are Ariel & Sophia. 👋We are both 16 and have little siblings of our own that we’ve always taken care, and we’ll treat yours like ours. We come with great sense of humor, many cleaning skills and what we would call, an excellent cook! 😊
Callmekurt C. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Callmekurt C.

my name is kurticey im 18 years old, baby sitting is something i grew up doing it and i wanna continue doing it. i love watching movies, favorite snack is popcorn
Alexis B. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Part-Time Child Care Provider Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Alexis B.

I have been babysitting babies for over 4 years. I’m a very bubbly person and I never find my self frustrated. Anyone who meets me instantly says I should work with babies and children because I’m so patient with them. I’m goal driven. Very organized. I like to clean and stay active. I have a baby of my own who was a preemie and she had eating and breathing issues so I’m very familiar with patience and instructions. I’m very observant and respectful.
Kaitlyn B. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Full-Time Nanny Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Kaitlyn B.

My name is Kaitlyn and I'm a former preschool teacher seeking a new path. I've cared for kids ages 6 months to 7-years-old for over five years, with three of those years being teaching kids of all abilities in my classroom. Teaching was such a gift as it really taught me how to understand the many ways children communicate with us and how to handle different scenarios. When it comes to in-home care, I have been known to stick to a schedule parents give me of meal times and bed times.
While in high school, I interned in the special needs room mid-day. This has taught me a lot about patience and caring for kids of all ages and needs.
On a lighter side, I love pets, crafts, and anything Disney related. I look forward to getting to know you and your family!
Sadie C. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Part-Time Child Care Provider Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Sadie C.

Hello my name is Sadie, I love working with kids and keeping them active!
Logan G. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Full-Time Babysitter Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Logan G.

Hi I'm Logan I am 19 years old I am the oldest of 4. I have my cna license and I am cpr certified. I am also a mom and would like to be able to bring my daughter with me she is 6 months old.
Hayli E. - Seeking Work in Fort Wayne

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Fort Wayne, IN: Hayli E.

Hi I'm Hayli and I have two kids of my own they will be 6 and 1 this year. Ive helped in day care being in high-school and have been watching kids since I was 10. I've taken a child development class and cpr. I can help with homework no matter the age. Love doing arts and crafts with kids and reading. I'm pretty laid back (I have tattoos and peircings but I'm not scary) I don't judge any parents for how they decide to parent there children. Prefer to bring my baby along he'll be one in May but he's very independent.

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