Jennifer  E. - Seeking Work in New York
Jennifer  E. - Seeking Work in New York

Part-Time Available Nanny Jennifer in New York, NY

A little bit about me…Hello my name is Jennifer and I've been a Nanny/baby sitter/ house keeper and teacher for about over 10 years. I enjoy working with children in all age groups. I've had the pleasure of traveling with some families before I had my son and now I'm looking to get back and help other families as they beginning there growing family. Education is a big part of early childhood development that I believe children need early on. So I'm looking forward to working with a wonderful family that would have me as a part of there team. Hoping to hear from you and cant wait to start a wonderful and exciting journey. watching children grow and learn before you is amazing. I've had the pleasure of being a mom to an amazing little boy who fills my heart up with love, compassion and life.
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Start: Mar 4, 2019
Weekdays 8:30am - 2:30pm
Age Groups
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Special needs
Jan 2011 - Apr 2014 (3yrs 3mo)

Sep 2015 - Jul 2017 (2yrs 10mo)

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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I’ve volunteer at a middle school for a 1 year to work with children with learning disabilities. A program called Arrow Smith from California came to New Jersey, Lake Hopatcong. The success in these kids were so amazing to fathom. Instead of me wanted to make a difference and change, the kids in this school changed me for the better to want to help children in this field. I was lead to become a Nanny/babysitter.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Reading, being creative I arts & crafts as well as teaching homework help, having a imagination in playing spacecrafts, doll house, building blocks and going outside to parks and making field trips to museums and the zoo, circus.
The most important part about being a nanny…Making sure that children receive the Early Childhood Development that they need in learning and experiencing many different languages in the fun creative activities all kids in a age group appropriate should engage in as there learning to develop.
My experience with special needs children…So I’ve worked with children with Aspergers, Autism-spectrum Development.
My favorite nanny moment…My favorite moments where always going out to parks and museums, just seeing how exciting they would get by seeing a park, or arts museum, the zoo was so funny and a traditional routine we would do.