Justyce U. - Seeking Work in Dallas
Justyce U. - Seeking Work in Dallas

Full-Time Nanny Available in Dallas, TX: Justyce U.

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A little bit about me…Hello! My name is Justyce and I am currently a CNA in the process of becoming an LPN. I have genuinely always had a passion towards working with children and I have had the opportunity to work with them almost my whole life.
I began volunteering to work with kids and run classes during the summers at my local church when I was 14.
I continued helping kids grow in the arts as well up until the summer I left my hometown, when I was 18. I volunteered for the summer at an arts camp and had the opportunity to lead 2 class groups of 1st-2nd graders for 4 weeks.
I babysat all throughout highschool and began to stop due to losing contacts while moving.
In 2021 I resumed my career in childcare and I became a part time soccer coach. Along with that I worked as a registered behavior technician and provided therapy to kids with any forms of behavioral disorders. I had the opportunity to work with kids up to 16 years old and help them with job skills, and other future daily skills.

Thank you!

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Activities I enjoy doing with children…-Playing pretend, in almost any aspect my imagination can run very wild like theres
-Arts/ Crafts
-Video games
-Learning/ tutoring etc.,
The most important part about being a nanny…Creating a relationship with the children that provides support for them in any way.
My experience with special needs children…Provided behavioral therapy to children and teens as a registered behavior technician using ABA Analysis.
I have no problem working with highly behavioral children, as I understand from my own experience it can be hard to find willing caregivers. They are always cool kids. :)
My favorite nanny moment…It is very hard to choose and though I do not have a favorite nanny moment, I do have a favorite teaching moment. Moments rather i remember this one young lady I had the pleasure of working with for 4 weeks and she always, ALWAYS had to use the restroom. Every 20-30 minutes in a 5 hour day I kid you not. It had gotten to the point where I had to regulate how many times she went a day so she could plan out her breaks more carefully. Now I was young and I know now she may have just been in search of attention, but my favorite moments for a long time have been our trips to the restroom as well. I got to know her outside of her classroom environment and she was one of the funniest little girls I had ever met. I always looked forward to our 7 daily bathroom breaks.
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Hi families! I've been working with littles for 13yrs now. In the past I worked at a daycare with the 1-2 yr tots, and for 7 years in a nursery/and as a toddler Sunday teacher at the church I previously attended- Currently, I am a nanny/sitter for children between the ages of 2mo old-11yrs. My longest nannying job was with a family for three kids, for nine amazing years :). I truly love my job, and watching kids learn and grow is the best part. That, and the unfiltered funny they bring!

My experience is with newborn-10 yrs- & multiples. Most of my families are with sets of 2-3 :) I love to include crafts, imaginative play, outside time, walks, reading, music, and fun activities into our time, or just hang out if parents would like. My goal is to make you & your little comfortable, happy, and safe. I am very patient, and love to help!
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Hello! I am a 22 year old that is a kid at heart. I love to play with my 15 month old daughter. Currently I am a stay at home mom but would like the extra company for my kid. I am fun with kids and believe in gentle parenting. I believe that a kid should be a kid as long as they can. I am very cautious when it comes to taking care of them while still allowing them to explore the outdoors. I reside in Dallas, Tx. but am willing to travel.
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Hey y'all ! My name is Emily and I am a nursing student at the University of Texas at Arlington. With experience as a medical assistant at a pediatricians office, as well as over 10 years of experience as a nanny, I believe I will make the perfect fit with your family!
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My name is Biridiana and I go by Biri. I am 25 and I am a mother of a 3 year old little girl. I am open to anything learn as well. I love kids.
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I am a college student that is currently in need of a part-time/full time job. I have lots of experience with kids. I have been a nanny for family members for at least two years, but do not get paid for it. I have taken care of children anywhere between the ages of 3 months - 9 years. This profile says absolutely nothing about me!
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Hello, my name is Yulianne, I am a 17 year old high school student, but even at my age I have a lot of experience with children. I started off with my families children and from there neighbors would ask if I could babysit while they were out. I have a lot of patience and I am very understanding when it comes to situations or tiny problems.
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