Kadine F. - Seeking Work in Queens
Kadine F. - Seeking Work in Queens

Full-Time Available Nanny Kadine in Queens, NY

A little bit about me…Heyy! I am kadine fletcher . I'm a female who enjoys caring for kids. It all started when i was 10 years old I was given the responsibility to change my baby brothers diapers, to feeding him, and taking care of him to help out my mother. As I got older I was given more responsibility to having to babysit him as my mother went to work. To this day he has been a great loving, respectful kid. I really love kids I enjoy seeing them happy, cheerful , and having fun. I love to read books with the kids, baking, jogging, picnics and so much more hobbies I can come up with. I like to be at a positive environment. I believe is very important to be positive especially around the kids this is the time where they are growing mentally. I was a counselor for a summer camp group at the YMCA in Florida There I learned many activities and games for kids, and also I learned how to communicate with kids

 Kadine's childcare philosophy:
Depending on the time of me babysitting I would set up a schedule if not the parent can set one up for me, depending whether they want me to follow certain things. I'm also CPR certified
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Jan 2015 - Dec 2016 (2yrs 11mo)

Mar 2017 - Nov 2017 (1yrs 8mo)
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