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A little bit about me…Hello! Im kerry and im a 12 year bilingual nanny with PLENTY of special needs and dietary experience. I have ranged from 3m-13 yrs and all types of behaviors reasoning and thinking process. I am looking for a professional family who wants a nanny to help their child grow and to have fun. I love outings especially zoos, libraries, and even age appropriate cooking classes such as: yoga and Montessori teachings! I can travel all over and have full insurance on my car.

I am open all hours and prefer a full time position. If you think your family is a great fit ill be happy to help!
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Start: May 6, 2020
Age Groups
Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Special needs
Jan 2018 - Jul 2019 (2yrs 6mo)

Jul 2019 - Feb 2020 (1yrs 7mo)

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More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…7+ years working with different abilities. 2 years as a daycare teacher. 4 years as a professional. 2 years as a live in. 12 years of child care experience. 7 years working with behavioral indifferences.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I love music and being active! If you have any passes, I will use them! Im even part of a group that makes group age appropriate activities for my nanny children.
The most important part about being a nanny…Your job as a nanny is to care for the kid, but to be a good nanny, your job is for the child to succeed and grow into a beautiful person they were meant to be.
My experience with special needs children…I was enrolled into a program in my high-school (and even given collage credits) for working with children of all abilities. I then became a aid to special needs children for Medicare here recently!
My favorite nanny moment…my favorite nanny moment was working with a very cautious family. Even the child was cautious of me. One day before I had to leave out of state, the little guy climbed up on my lap. Snuggled in tight. And said "you're the most beautiful person I have ever met. I love you. You're the best nanny"
I'm not crying. You are!

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