Kyleah F. - Seeking Work in Henderson
Kyleah F. - Seeking Work in Henderson

Part-Time Available Nanny Kyleah in Henderson, NV

A little bit about me…Hey guys if you're looking for a sitter for your dogs/ children I am available for you I have much experience with children I started baby sitting in 2015 and stopped baby sitting for her mid 2016 and I recently got hired by her again but its only occasionally so I'm looking for I family I can baby sit for a lot more often. I also have 6 little cousins that are all different ages even a new born and I'm around them a lot so I also have experience because of that. I also have a special needs brother so I have endless patients with children and are sure to treat then with love and care and tend to there every needs I am open to background check's or whatever process we have to go through to make you feel more comfortable build more trust and ensure that your child is safe and in good hands. Thank you.
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Jun 2015 - Jun 2016 (1yrs)