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A little bit about me…Hi! My name is Lauren, I'm 23 years old and will be moving to New York from Chicago this spring. I've lived in Chicago for five years, and have worked with kids for almost that entire time. I've nannied,
and babysat, worked in a daycare, at a summer camp, as an aid for children with autism, and even was in charge of an after school program at a public school. I think that working with children is an absolute joy, and one I do not see myself giving up anytime soon.

In addition to this work, I was a full-time student at Columbia College Chicago, where I earned my BFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing. I'm incredibly passionate about writing and helping others through my words. I'm extremely outgoing and bubbly, and I love to share the beauty I see in the world with others.
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Start: Apr 19, 2021
Everyday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
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Feb 2020 - Jul 2020 (5mo)
More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I've worked at the YMCA in various childcare positions, including at their daycare, after school programs, and summer camp. I've also worked as an aid for autistic students and as a soccer and basketball coach for toddlers. I've worked with children as young as five weeks old and as old as fifteen years old throughout my experience.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I have tons of games I love playing with children both indoors and outdoors. I love doing crafts and more creative activities, but also find active activities to be super fun and can keep up with the most active kiddos! I've worked with kids of all ages, and pride myself in my ability to tailor these activities to different age groups.
The most important part about being a nanny…To me, the most important part of being a nanny is the ability to learn from the families you are working with just as much as you are teaching them. To be a good nanny, you need to constantly be watching and listening to the needs of others, and in turn, be ready to adjust your actions based off of your observations. Of course, kids are growing, and we want to help them grow in the best ways that they can, but it's important to remember how much we, as adults, are still growing along side them. I don't think it's possible to be a good nanny without openness to that growth.
My experience with special needs children…I have worked as an inclusion aid for three different children with autism between the ages of 5 and 8. I also have experience caring for a baby with Down Syndrome. Additionally, I have ample experience with children with ADHD and trainings from the YMCA for working with children with all types of behavioral disorders.
My favorite nanny moment…I have so many funny and cute stories that I can share here (and if we work together, they absolutely will come out), but my favorite moments working with kids are the moments that they show their trust in me. Trust is not given; it's earned, and it absolutely warms my heart to be able to grow the relationships I have with the kids I work with. This can look so different for so many different kids. It can be the teenager with a hard exterior opening up about problems at school or at home, or a shy child coming to sit by me while they color, or even a kid who calls me "booboo butt" finally starting to call me by my real name. These moments might seem small, but they matter, and it feels so special to know that I have become one more person that they know that they have in their corners.

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