Lynn K. - Seeking Work in Fairfield
Lynn K. - Seeking Work in Fairfield

Part-Time Available Nanny Lynn in Fairfield, MT

A little bit about me…My name is Lynn and I have been taking care of children all my life. I started out in babysitting when I was 13 years old and after that, I became a Nanny for over 10+ years, working with all ages of children with excellent references.

I have always had a love for children and I have 2 girls of my own, 10 and 16. My family and I live in Fairfield, MT and am looking for a child care job in the Fairfield or Choteau, MT area preferably.

I would be willing to drive to Great Falls, MT area in the city if I cannot find a Nanny job in Fairfield or Choteau, MT area.

I would like to find a P/T Nanny job to start soon and I have been looking for a child care job for awhile. I would consider a F/T position possibly, depending on the hours and the pay.

I have been a Stay-at-Home mom for many years and would love to start taking care of children again since my girls are in school and not home during the day. I really miss taking care of kids. They are very sweet, loving and fun!

Thank you and I will look forward to hearing from the families who are looking for a Nanny who really loves children a lot. That describes me perfectly!

Lynn K.
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Start: TBD
Dec 2007 - Mar 2009 (1yrs 3mo)