Malka H. - Seeking Work in New York
Malka H. - Seeking Work in New York

Malka H.

start: TBD
1 yrs experience
A little bit about me…Hello!
So glad I have the upmost opportunity to be able to give children the best babysitting experience. I am all about giving children the opportunity to experience art (painting, Origami, drawing, coloring ext.), music, exercise, playing games, and reading books. I love cooking/baking and experimenting with different recipes. I am a very organized and well put together girl. If needed, I am good at cleaning and I don't even mind washing dishes.
I have six younger brothers all ranging from the ages of 0-14 years old. I have plenty of experience in childcare, and being a second parent to children. I can teach children manners, and how to be patient and kind toward others.
I love children because they have a funny, loud and charismatic demeanor. I hope I get the flattering opportunity to care for your children/household during my hours. Have a fantastic week/weekend ahead.
Malka Hynan