Michelle B. - Seeking Work in Pompano Beach
Michelle B. - Seeking Work in Pompano Beach

Full-Time Available Nanny Michelle in Pompano Beach, FL

A little bit about me…hello,

my name is Michelle and I am a 23 year old hard worker and student. I have alot of experience caring for children of all ages, as well as twins. I have no problem watching more than one child.

Not only do i assist with child care, I also clean, cook, do laundry, run errands, go to events, school functions and fundraisers, play dates, birthday parties, pet care, personal assistant work, over nights and traveling if need be!

I recently left my nanny job, of three years watching 4 kids ranging between the ages of 1-11. I have been baby sitting since I was 16 for family friends, neighbors, as well as my own family. I am very patient and love watching children grow and help be a part of that.

I am looking for a new family to help. I currently work an office job, since it has been hard over the summer finding a nanny job. Since school started back up, there are now jobs that are opening, and I realized working in a office is not for me, so I began my search of finding a new family that I can not only help but be a part of!

Please contact me with any more questions or information if you are interested!

I can not wait to hear from you and hope you are having a wonderful end of the week.

Looking For
Start: TBD
Jul 2014 - May 2017 (3yrs 10mo)