Nacira  A. - Seeking Work in Bayonne
Nacira  A. - Seeking Work in Bayonne

Full-Time Available Nanny Nacira in Bayonne, NJ

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Oct 2015 - Mar 2017 (1yrs 5mo)

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Collata  B. - Seeking Work in Bayonne
Collata Belgrove
Constable Hook, Bayonne$20/hr  |  1 yrs experience
I began my education in 1993 at New York State majoring in Medical Office Manager . In 1995, I made the move along with my family to Princeton New Jersey and work in Child Development.. As a Pre K teacher assistant, and lead teacher at several childcare centers. In [phone number hidden]
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, I worked as a Nanny for twin girls . I am currently work as a Nanny for children who are in the process of moving to Indianapolis. I have experience working with all ages, infant to teen. Working with kids for so many years, I have come to understand that children come into the world with a blank slate. The experiences, environment, adults, as well as surroundings are what shape them into who they become. I feel our responsibility as parents and child care provider is to provide x knowledge, and choices so they are able to grow to their maximum potential. I believe that children should be given the ability to become independent individuals by setting limits with positive discipline, praise, and encouragemen