Neshae L. - Seeking Work in Queens
Neshae L. - Seeking Work in Queens

Full-Time Available Nanny Neshae in Queens, NY

A little bit about me…Hi, my name is Shae and I am a full time nanny/baby sitter. I am young, energetic, honest, trustworthy, down to earth and very nurturing. I have experience with special needs children and working with multiple children at once. I was a full time nanny for 4 years. 2 autistic boys. After volunteering at daycare centers from ages 11-13 and working with a summer youth program from ages 14-17 (all 3 years with children) I started my first real job working at a daycare center at the age of 18. The assistant director was pregnant. She saw the way I worked and was so impressed, she privately asked me would I be interested in being a fully time nanny to her twins. I had no nanny experience but, she didn't care. She loved the way I conducted myself and nurtured the infants/children. I have experience with all ages. From changing diapers to teaching basic education (A,B,C's and 1,2,3's) to tutoring grade school kids. I am CPR and first aid qualified. I am willing to travel to your home no matter the distance. My hours are very flexible so I am able to come in early and stay late if needed. My resume and references speak for themselves.
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Nov 2012 - Nov 2017 (5yrs)