Full-Time Available Nanny Rebecca in Springfield, VA

A little bit about me…I love to work with the children
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Sep 2011 - Aug 2017 (6yrs 11mo)

Jan 2011 - Aug 2017 (7yrs 7mo)

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Patricia Tineo
Springfield$15/hr  |  < 1 yr experience
Experienced Part-Time Nanny
Available for Daytime, Evening, Overnight, Weekend Childcare.
Mature, dependable and high-energy nanny with a passion for childcare excellence. Professionalism, dedication and excellent judgment. Provide parents with an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of their children.
Personal Objetive_______________
In my time as a university student, I worked part-time for 5 years in a daycare center, to help pay for my studies.
This wonderful experience will allow me to provide your children with excellent care, which I am sure will exceed your expectations.
It is an activity for which I am sufficiently trained, and most importantly I like doing it because I am happy with the children.
Nanny Service include:____________
- In-Home Childcare from a nanny who is patient, loving and skilled
- Activities (e.g., reading, arts and crafts, games, parent-approved excursions, outdoor fun).
- Meal Preparation (knowledgeable in vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meal planning and prep).
- Bathing, Toileting & Potty-Training for infants and toddlers.
- Homework Assistance for school-aged children.
- Light Housework (vacuuming, washing dishes, tidying).
- Specialist organizing birthday events and children's parties. supply of decorations, cakes, sweets, and everything related to the type of event.
Experience and Skills with Children:
I worked as a nanny from 2010 to 2015 in a day care center and am trained to:
- Provide nanny services to families with up to four children.
- Specialist in food preparation and desserts.
- Driving vehicles for transport.
- Assimilated into households with diverse
traditions, routines and religious/dietary
- Ensured client privacy in handling
confidential family matters.
- Praised for creating safe environments for
children in alignment with parent goals and expectations.
2015: Degree in Social Communication, mention in Print Journalism.