Savanna L. - Seeking Work in San Francisco
Savanna L. - Seeking Work in San Francisco

Full-Time Available Nanny Savanna in San Francisco, CA

A little bit about me…Hi there! I am a patient, observant, and kind individual who is passionate about the child, child development, education, and learning in all different ways- especially all that I learn from children. I am creative, energetic, and love to be outside. I incorporate these loves with how I spend time with children too. I will prioritize learning, creativity, and the outdoors.
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Start: Mar 1, 2022
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Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Sep 2017 – Jan 2018 (4mo)
More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I volunteered at my childhood church from ages 15-18 in the children's ministry. I would care for the children every Sunday by playing games, having outdoor time, and learning time. This led to many babysitting opportunities that I still treasure to this day! I also have two twin siblings who are age 8. Living alongside them and raising them with our 12 year age gap was a learning experience that has changed me completely.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I love to learn what the children want and love to do and mold this into our daily activities to know that they very much have a decision in how we spend our time! I do love to prioritize outdoor time in doing treasure hunts, going on walks, and being creative with what the outdoors has to offer. If we are inside, I love to do arts and crafts, make obstacle courses, and have as much limited time on electronics as possible. But we all love a movie night!
My experience with special needs children…In high school, one of my courses my senior year was working with the special needs classes when they went to their gym time. These two hours a day became my favorite time and manifested in me volunteering with the Special Olympics. These students taught me what persistence looked like and broke the stereotype that these individuals had any type of inability. The only difference is HOW they get things done, NOT the ability to do so.
My favorite nanny moment…One day, I was nannying two little girls and we decided to have a treasure hunt outside. I was intending on teaching them the magic and beauty of mundane natural objects - multi-colored wood, colorful rocks, and more. They each collected their three favorite findings and we decided to gift them to their parents. They each wrote such sweet notes telling their parents that they found their treasure outside. The parent's reaction to the sweet letters and the children's excitement was something I will never forget! To this day, those two little girls are the most unique and creative girls I know.

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