Shanetta  H. - Seeking Work in Boston
Shanetta  H. - Seeking Work in Boston

Shanetta H.

start: TBD
4 yrs experience
meal prep
first aid
infant care
toddler care
preschooler care
grade-schooler care
A little bit about me…Hello, My name is Shanetta Holder. I’m 26 years old , finishing up my senior year so I’ll be a Suffolk University College graduate which is exciting. I study broadcast journalism hoping to one day travel the world and venture the different exotic Caribbean islands. I want to be able to share my experiences with my loved ones and the world. Right now, I live in Roslindale with my two loving grandparents who are very special to me. They always expected me to be great and that’s what I intend to be. I’m very punctual, reliable, caring, a protector and friendly. Oh & I can’t forget I LOVE KIDS. I grew up taking care of all of my 4 siblings being the only girl & granddaughter. My aunts knew who to ask when they needed a sitter and I was there of course. I watched all of my baby cousins and of course being a SITTER came to my liking. I loved the company and made sure fun was always in the picture. But most of all knowing that I was a younger child’s Role model and inspiration was why I decided to take on a NANNY ROLE. I’ll soon be expecting my own and think this is a great way to experience what its like being a Full time Mom, Caretaker and Provider.