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A little bit about me…Hello, my name is Shelby. I am 20, will be 21 in February. I have lived here in Dothan for going on two years. I am from a small town in Texas. I will be starting college this semester, going to be an elementary math teacher. If that doesn’t say I love working with children, the years of nanny and babysitting experience can. Growing up being the oldest girl in the family I have always took on the role of being “mommy” or “boss”, I have always loved children and taking care of them. Any family function, just look for the kids and there I will be. Only being 20 and working to get my future career set I do not want kids of my own right now so what better way to feed that want of being around little ones. Along with my enjoyment of interacting and being around children of all ages, I also have a passion for cooking.
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I come from a large family so like many ladies that work in child care I started at an early age caring for younger members of my family and sitting for neighbors. My nephews: now 14, 11, 9, and 4 as well as my nieces: now 4 and 8 provided not only my first and continued experience as a sitter but also taught me a lot about children with special needs. It is because of them that I am not only completely comfortable with children that have special needs including: autism, OCD, tourettes syndrome, ADHD, and asthma; but also capable of caring for them. Some examples of the extra care and attention to detail these children required consist of: daily medications, CFGF diet, breathing treatments, weekly trips to doctors and counselors, additional help/focus on motor skills and school related capabilities, but above all a sense of encouragement and understanding from their care providers. I was happy to provide and research any and all extra care needed. I’m thrilled to report all children mentioned continue to improve are now excelling in there age groups. I don’t take credit for their improvement but I do feel a sense of accomplishment having been able to bear witness to and aid in their treatment. I volunteered for 1 year with a Learning Center and a Methodist preschool in TN. The teaching styles were drastically different but provided equally rewarding learning environments for the children (and myself). The other volunteers and I were gradually integrated into the classroom starting with observation, then participation, and finally we planned a variety of activities for the children including: storytelling, arts and crafts, and different adolescent games, each chosen specifically to incorporate the lesson for the day. Planning entertainment and projects for younger children has always been my favorite part of child care. I spent last summer working as a counselor for six year old children at a local underprivileged youth organization. Averaging one counselor to 15 children: we watched over the children to ensure their safety, monitor behavior, provide interaction and entertainment, and instill a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Between the hours of 7a-3p the children were provide with two meals and two snacks; 3hrs of recreation, 2hrs of games, 1hr of arts and crafts, and 1 hr of social skills development. It was gratifying, as all of my child care experiences have been, but in the future I’d much prefer to be able to care for children one on one (or in smaller groups) to give them the attention they deserve.