Taylor A. - Seeking Work in Fairfield
Taylor A. - Seeking Work in Fairfield

Full-Time Available Nanny Taylor in Fairfield, CT

A little bit about me…Hi I'm Taylor! I am the oldest of a family of 6 children, my mother owned and operated daycare in Fairfield County from our home 14 years. I've been babysitting since I was 10 and nannying among other things since I was 18. I have an almost 17 year old son that goes to a private school in Clearwater Florida on a football scholarship and happily single and Fairfield County looking for the right family to invest time in and build a relationship. I'm very big and open communication routines and schedules! I cook and I do catering on the side. I love to do arts and crafts and extracurricular activities
Teafing books cooking, things to help the mind grow. Into perfecting a family I also offer overnight weekends and wave watched children over the years up 2 weeks while they went on a biking excursion in Paris. I've taken over entire households and restructured them. I'm a modern day mary Poppins! Is Passion with working with children I feel that it keeps me young and happy!
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Start: ASAP
Everyday 5:00AM – 5:00AM
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Nov 2018 – Dec 2019

Taylor is a great nanny. She goes above and beyon to ensure that the family’s needs are met. She is a team player that helps with scheduling and setting boundaries. She is an assest to any family she nannies for..

*Contact information available upon request

Sep 2020 – Nov 2021
Emma Penick

September 4, 2021 To Whom It May Concern, Taylor Allen has worked with my family for a year, from October, 2020 through to the present. She served as caregiver for my two four year old girls. At first, she started as a weekend and evening babysitter, and took on an increasingly large role. This past summer she was our primary caregiver. She picked my girls up from multiple camps throughout the summer, and was with them full-time when they didn’t have camp. Taylor also stayed with my children while I was out of town for a work trip. Taylor has been a huge help to our family and I recommend her heartily! My girls love Taylor. They always have fun with Taylor, and have learned a lot from her. Taylor was great at coming up with fun activities for my girls, like the beach, a playground or other local excursions, and was also great about helping in my girls’ development. She would read with them, once reading through the entire Frog and Toad story set in one sitting at my girls’ request!

*Contact information available upon request

Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Special needs
Jul 2002 – Sep 2004 (2yrs 2mo)

Oct 2002 – Jan 2003 (3mo)

More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I've worked for different families in a 20 year spend in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York & Boston
I've cared for all ages from new borns to teens, I'm looking to build a relationship with a family. I'm a modern day Mary Poppins
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Play time outside, beach, park, swimming, different classes, arts and crafts, reading, cooking, teaching children everyday essentials, work books, nature, I make jewlery and crochet. Teaching children about picking up after themselves and making beds. Structure and routine is important. Communication is when working with any family.
The most important part about being a nanny…Open communication between the parents and the childcare provider are very important if there's no communication we can't get the job done so communication and just setting boundaries so that everyone is on the same page so the children don't have mixed communication because in my line of work I've seen a lot of manipulation and enabling and that is what I dobut what I don't want to be involved with I'm looking for a long term opportunity where we can work as a team to give your family what it needs
My experience with special needs children…Adhd, autism, sensory disorders, but & seed allergies
My favorite nanny moment…Recently being able to take the twins to the beach and watch them collect shells and skip the waves. I took so many great photos. Traveling with families is always fun and I've done that alot in my time!

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