Taylor M. - Seeking Work in New York
Taylor M. - Seeking Work in New York

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in New York, NY: Taylor M.

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A little bit about me…Hi!
My name is Taylor Mills. I am from North Carolina. I'm a senior at Meredith college studying criminology ( not my intended major) and will graduate this spring. Since the age of 12 I have loved taking care and looking after children. I have had summer nannying jobs and am currently a nanny but the family I'm with will no longer need me due to kids being in school. I absolutely love to Travel and New York is somewhere I have always dreamed to live and why not do something you love in a place you love. For the past 4-5 years I have always thought I would like to be a live-in nanny so this is my time and hopefully I can connect with an awesome family in the New York area who are looking for a live-in nanny. I have been COVID free this whole pandemic and I am fully vaccinated. thanks so much and I hope to hear from you soon

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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I volunteered at Eastern Seals UCP in Greenville, NC. That is a center for children who are handicapped, have special needs, and are typically developed.

I also used to always volunteer in my churches nursery
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I love going outside with the kids. Getting them out of the house is a big thing for me. In areas like NY the parks and museums would be awesome. Indoor activities like arts and crafts are a big thing too.
The most important part about being a nanny…Caring for the kids and knowing they always have somebody there other than their family (parents) looking after them. I feel that building a safe, loving relationship and offer a stable environment are all important elements of nurturing your child.
My experience with special needs children…I have interacted with children who have down syndrome, autism, and who are in wheel chairs. They are the most loving children somebody get ever meet.
My favorite nanny moment…When the little 3 year old I nanny for says "I just Wove you misses Taywer, you are the best" or when she has told me all her potty stories
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Ke’Naiyah B. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Nanny Available in New York, NY: Ke’Naiyah B.

Hi, my name is Ke’Naiyah Bailey. I’m 19 turning 20 in May, and I’m making a big decision and moving to New York to begin my adult life. I am the oldest of 4 siblings ranging from ages 2-14. Given that I always helped around the house growing up and prior to moving to New York, I feel that this position would be the best and most comfortable for me to begin my journey to true adulthood. I know how to cook, clean, and I’m very patient with mood swings. I’m a proud supporter of gentle parenting and treating children as humans and to not control them. I’m fun loving, and I have a cheerful, friendly, and charismatic spirit and personality. I’m young, so relating to the children and keeping up with the constant playful nature of children shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. I really hope I am able to be offered this opportunity given the circumstances of my journey to adulthood.
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Marva S. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in New York, NY: Marva S.

I'm a very pleasant honest and hard worker great with kids im from st lucia and im very easy to get along with.
Mariama A. - Seeking Work in New York

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in New York, NY: Mariama A.

Hi there , my name is Mariama Abdulai . I'm a college student and I have an experience in babysitting kids from one of the organization I joined and I volunteer for them. I have an experience with kids for 3 years now we take them on trips and help them with homework and read to them. We take them to the parks and pick them up from school too. I love being around kids because this will help me with my future career as a pediatrician. I hope you can consider me and give me a chance to be your child's babysitter and I know what it feels for parents to leave their kids to me. I'm very humble and polite and respectful and very hardworking I can help in anything want me to do. Thank You.
Perla D. - Seeking Work in New York

Part-Time Child Care Provider Available in New York, NY: Perla D.

Hi my name is perla del rosario I’m 16 years old I’ve work with two kids before I’ll work as many hours as needed
Kyra R. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Babysitter Available in New York, NY: Kyra R.

Hi there! I’m Kyra and I am 21 years old and live in East Village in Manhattan.
I love working with kids and have held two nanny jobs throughout my time in both high school and college, where I attended Florida State University.
I recently graduated and now hold a management job, but am looking for a full-time nanny position! I am hard-working, flexible, and love building relationships with any family I work for.
I hope that you’ll consider me to nanny your kids!
Marina L. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Nanny Available in New York, NY: Marina L.

Hi! I graduated from Bard College last year as an Art History major. I grew up with a mother who taught Montessori ages 3-6 and really enjoy working with kids. I love working creatively and encouraging imagination with children. I'm a native English speaker and can also speak French as well as Nepali. I'm an organized person and hope I can help you in whatever way you might need :)
Camila M. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Babysitter Available in New York, NY: Camila M.

Hi my name is Camila, I’m a mother of 2. My son's are 6 & 4 years old, So I consider myself to have experience with young children. I am bilingual and encourage teaching more than one language to your own children at home. I want to work in a home that takes COVID protocols VERY SERIOUSLY ! My first priority is your children’s safety. I consider myself to be a energetic, respectful, caring, and responsible care taker. I would love to share more about me! Feel free to ask ! No question are to silly so don’t be shy to ask about any concerns you may have!

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