Thias J. - Seeking Work in Osseo
Thias J. - Seeking Work in Osseo

Full-Time Available Nanny Thias in Osseo, MN

A little bit about me…Hello Family,

I am Thias J. A bit about me,
I am originally from Texas. I am upbeat, positive and motivating! My motto is Lend(a helping hand). Lend is an acronym which stands for Let’s Encourage Not Discourage.

I strive to teach children important values. Values are so important The small values matter too. (turning off the water while we brush our teeth,Treating everyone with respect. Etc)

Respect brings me to, emotional intelligence which is HUGEE with me. I will never call a child dumb, stupid or make them feel uncomfortable with being themselves. Children are not stupid, they don’t understand certain concepts and it is our jobs to teach them.

My care for children started at home
I was the fourth child out of seven children. While parents were away it was definitely my responsibility to care for my three younger siblings. I did what was natural taught them to read and write, tie their shoes, the list goes on. From then until now I have developed a strong understanding for children and what they need for developing independence. I have taught 2 year olds how to put on a whole outfit whit me leaving the room. Although every child is different and may not pick up the same task as easily. They can accomplish anything that anyone else can!

I have nannied and babysat for ages ranging from newborns to 18 years old (fighting eplepsiy and depression). I love children. I love to teach and show them their ability to acomlish anything them while teaching them great values along the way.

Always Forward

Thias J
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Start: TBD
Jun 2013 - Sep 2013 (3mo)