How much do nannies make in Herriman, UT?

The average salary for a nanny is $13.67 per hour in Herriman, UT.

How much can you make as a nanny in your area?

On average, how much do nannies make in Herriman, UT?

On average, a nanny earns $13.67 per hour in Herriman, UT. You can expect to earn an hourly rate between $8 and $20. The salary of a nanny can depend on their location, responsibilities, qualifications, and the type of care provided.

On average, how much do nannies make in Herriman, UT?


The highest paying nearby cities for nannies

Whether you’re in Salt Lake City, Sandy, or South Jordan, location is one of the biggest factors that can impact the salary of a nanny. Typically, the higher the cost of living, the higher the nanny salary. The city where nannies are the highest paying in Utah is Salt Lake City, where the average hourly rate is $14.85.

How much can you make as a nanny in your area?

How much should a nanny make in your area?

How often do you need a nanny job?

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The Hitzhusen Family - Hiring in Herriman
The Hitzhusen Family
Herriman$15/hr  |  5 kids
Looking for a reliable, hardworking, good communicator who loves kids & can do versatile work. Someone who is fine getting their hands dirty, meal prepping, or laminating papers as some examples. We’re looking for help 15 hours a week. I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom expecting a new baby in March. I will most likely be nursing the infant and have him most of the time. To have a healthy, smooth running house I’m looking for extra help. There will be times where I need relief from childcare to rest, plan, run errands, etc., and times when I’m looking to be fully engaged with the kids schooling, and one on one time where I’ll need help picking up the slack on household work.
Our good friends rent our basement & are also looking for a help as well. They are looking for 5 hours of help weekly. We would likely be looking to share a nanny & would be interviewing together as our kids play together all the time. They have an 8 year old and one year old daughter. She is also a stay at home homeschooling mom just looking for extra support. We are a no TV household. The kids entertain themselves and we read books, and on a rare occasion will let them watch a selected documentary. We have a fenced in yard the kids love to play in. Good help can be hard to find, and we highly value good help, so pay is negotiable :) we hope to have a mutually beneficial relationship and that whoever may come to our home would feel welcomed & cared for.
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