The Hall Family - Hiring in Houston
The Hall Family - Hiring in Houston

Live-In Part-Time Nanny Job: The Hall Family with 1 Child

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10 year old girl
A little bit about us…I am a stagehand and work multiple hours and I can't work withmy child being alone please help me

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Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
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Hello, I am due on today and my son will be born soon I will need a nanny starting in march once I return back to work. Some days will be longer than others because my husband sometimes works overtime and usually will be home between the hours of 1pm-3pm.
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One baby boy 5 months old. Looking for part time nanny to watch as needed 0-3 weekdays per week. Mom works relief as needed in healthcare, so schedule varies/changes weekly. Typical hours needed would be from 7AM to 6PM. Small low maintenance dog would also need to be let out a few times during the day.
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I currently dont have a job. Need a sitter for when i go out
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Realtor, need help after school and some Saturday/. Somewhat flexible, but schedule can change.
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Hello! I have a 9month old babyboy, super outgoing and interactive loves crawling around. He loves to read.. he’ll smack the book but promise he loves it hahah I also have two dogs who adore him but if not comfortable they can stay in patio with food & water. Looking for somekne who can keep up with a high energy baby & work maybe 3-4 times a week from around 8Am til 5! Thank u so much
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Hi there! My husband and I are looking for a nanny to watch our 2 daughters while we work from home or meet with clients out in the field. Our oldest will be 1 and youngest will be 3 months old. We will likely need a nanny 3 days a week with hours roughly 9am-3pm and maybe the occasional evening for date night.

We are looking for someone with reliable transportation, experience with infants and toddlers (preferred), to assist with age appropriate play, feedings, nap time, and some light housekeeping. We are an animal and smoke free home.
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Looking for Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm care for our little boy Daniel. No other special duties. He likes to eat, play and often be hugged which helps him fall asleep.
The Chaisson Family - Hiring in Houston

Full-Time Nanny Job: The Chaisson Family with 2 Children

1-3 times a week
I’m a single dad and I work shift work at an Oil Refinery. So my schedule rotates.
I work days and night shifts.
My kids are 11 and 8
They are very low maintenance.

Looking for someone with a flexible schedule who can take them to school 🏫 in the morning when I’m working day shift and I will pick them up.
(Their school is 30 mins away in Sienna Plantation)

When I’m working nights I need someone to pick them up from school 🏫 and stay with them until I get home at 5am.
Food will always be provided breakfast and dinner. You don’t have to cook 👨🏽‍🍳

Just make sure they eat, do homework, take showers 🧼 and go to bed.

Also on weekends day or nights 12 hour shifts.

Free Wi-Fi and all TV 📺 streaming services.

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