The Krentz Family - Hiring in Seattle
The Krentz Family - Hiring in Seattle

Part-Time Nanny Job: The Krentz Family with 1 Child

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6 - 11 month old boy
A little bit about us…Looking for great nanny for our 8mo boy who also is willing to help with house cleaning, feeding, and bathing.

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Driver’s License
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
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Hello! We're looking for a nanny off-and-on for our 1yr old. Specifically, we are looking for someone to support him with playtime, reading, naptime, and meals. Comfort with dogs is necessary, as we have a family pet. Looking forward to meeting you!
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We are looking for a short-term care-giver for our 4.5-year-old boy/girl twins for the afternoons, Monday - Friday, from 1:15-5pm, September 12-16 and September 19-23. The care would include picking them up from school (walking or driving), bringing them home to our house for a little quiet time (they love audio-books), and then doing an afternoon outing/playtime with them (outings to parks and playgrounds, biking around the neighborhood, taking them to soccer practice, etc.). If this is a good fit, we would love to explore date-night baby-sitting with this person after September.

About our twins: they are an enthusiastic pair who love outside adventures, being active, and exploring new things and areas. They also enjoy downtime inside, coloring, playing pretend, and reading (looking at books and being read to). T

We and our twins are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and we are seeking a care-giver who is also fully vaccinated and boosted. We live in northeast Seattle near UW and Seattle Children's Hospital. If this sounds at all intriguing, we'd love to hear from you.
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need you to come help prep breakfast for the kid, get her ready and drop at day care
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Watching two relatively independent and self sufficient kids after school. Cleaning the kids room and folding their laundry about once a week.
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Please don't message me if you haven't fully read the description. I will not respond *** The site doesn't allow formatting, the job description is available in pdf format for easier reading. Please dm me "pdf" with your email ***

Hi! So occasionally I need to go out of town and I am looking for someone that could help look after my boys while I'm gone. I have super high standards and as you can see a lot of requirements are checked off, but essentially this would be a pretty laid back and easy job. My kids are older 9.5 & 12, they really don't require much, and are actually pretty self sufficient, but obviously they can't just be left alone while I'm out of town

During the day they attend school and after school programs or summer camp depending on the time of year. As of now they have no weekend activities (sports), but that may change.

I would need someone to help with getting them to their bus stop or school in the AM and picking them from their afterschool care in the PM & making sure they: do chores, eat, do homework, shower, go to bed on time etc. As well as care for them on the weekends.

I'm not really looking to pay hourly, DM me for more info
Please include flat rate quotes with your message (weekly/monthly) & any questions.

SAMPLE Schedule:
Monday - Friday
7:00am wake up
7:45-8am drop off at school or bus stop
5:30-5:45pm pick up from community center
6:00pm make sure they eat (no later than 7pm), check homework, chores, read, exercise, free time
8:00 shower time
8:30-8:45 bedtime

Saturday - Sunday
- They need to read for at least 30 minutes and write about it
-They need to make sure all they chores are done
- They pretty much will be free to play video games or on their phone, BUT it would be nice if you planned something (park, basketball, board games, walking etc)
- Last meal by 7pm
- Make sure they shower
To sum it up, your main functions are: provide transportation, make sure they eat & just be a body in the room. They'll do the rest.

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