The Marrot Family

start: Feb 17, 2020
12 yr old boy
13+ yr old boy
Driver’s License
Has car
Looking for occasional overnight care for our two (polite, well mannered) boys, 12 & 15. The job really involves making sure they are fed and get to school on time when both myself and husband are out of town for work (this is likely to be an occasional situation but could be for 2-3 nights in a row when it occurs). We have a comfortable bed in spare room downstairs with own bathroom for overnight stays.

The boys are pretty self sufficient (they would not need anyone to read to them, play with them etc., so you would have time to yourself) but we would need you to just make sure they were ok and be here in case any emergency should arise! We will make sure easy prep food (frozen meals etc. are in the house for the boys to heat up, and we anticipate providing meals for nanny staying overnight etc.)

We also have two dogs, one cat (all v friendly). Boys would feed them - we just ask that you check they don’t forget!

Ideally applicant will be in town and available Spring Break week (7-14 March) as may require 1-2 overnight stays during that period.