The Taylor Family - Hiring in Houston
The Taylor Family - Hiring in Houston

The Taylor Family

6 - 11 month old girl
A little bit about us…Hi!
We’re looking for someone to care for our ten month old baby girl. We prefer someone who’s home we can drop them off at instead of at our home.

The hours would be :
Mondays - 8am-5pm
Tuesdays- 8am-5pm
Fridays- 8am-5pm

27 hours total.
She’s still on the bottle so duties would include 3-4 bottles a day. 2 meals per day (which I would supply). She takes about 2-3 naps daily. Loves Sesame Street. She’s very well behaved (until she’s hungry or sleepy). Doing activities with her is a must , we’re trying to limit Sesame Street time but it’s hard when we both work all day so someone with a childhood education experience would be perfect.

About us:
We’re first time parents. We both work in non profit & my husband will start traveling soon. I also own my own business. We are pro choice, LGBTQ+ friendly, liberals / democratic socialist so we prefer someone who share the same ideals (or close to it!) as ours.
Looking For
Start: ASAP
Mon-Tue, Fri 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Nanny share
First Aid
Fluent Languages