The K Family - Hiring in MARVEL CAV PK
The K Family - Hiring in MARVEL CAV PK

The K Family

start: TBD
5 yr old girl
7 yr old girl
8 yr old boy
9 yr old boy
Meal prep
Light housekeeping
Driver’s License
Has car
At the moment we are a busy family. All my children are in school and I am also a full time student as well. My husband travels a lot for business between Missouri and California. So he is usually gone for a few weeks at a time. For the most part my children are independent and easy going. We are looking for someone who either lives close by or possibly a live in nanny. Depending on the day of the week. I leave for school between 6am and 7am. So I need someone to be available in the mornings Monday- Fridays at 6:00am to over see kids with their morning routine. Sometimes help with breakfast and packing lunches. Be able to drive them 15 minutes to school to be there by 8:15am. Then I'm in need of someone to be available to picked up the children by 3:15pm Monday through Thursday and 2:45pm on Fridays. Take them home for a snack and oversight on their homework while fixing dinner. We try to have dinner ready by 5pm- 6pm. Then just oversight to make sure they have clothes pick out, showers, teeth brushed and flossed, rooms picked up, and in beds by 7:30 to read a book. During all this, it would be nice if our nanny could possibility lend a hand by help tighty up around the house. Sweep, dust, mop, wipe, dishes the usuals. Then someone to be available from 10am-6pm to hangout with the kids on most weekends at the house or sometimes an all paid for outting somewhere. The children love sports, arts, music, learning, movies, games, toys, parks, etc. Like all kids, they just enjoy having fun. I have seven months left until I graduate school and just need a little helping hand.