The Westerfield Family - Hiring in Houston
The Westerfield Family - Hiring in Houston

Full-Time Nanny Job: The Westerfield Family with 5 Children

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6 - 11 month old boy
1 year old girl
3 year old boy
4 year old girl
6 year old girl
A little bit about us…Hello My name is Jayy I am a mom of 5 plus a fur baby . I have 4 girls Ja’Leeya is 6 , Kh’loe is 4 , Khamari is 1 and my fur baby Pitbull/bull dog mix Nola is 6 weeks old . I also have 2 sons Kyrie is 3 and Kenneth III is 8 months . We are a active and chaotic family it’s never a dull moment and they keep me on my toes . My fiancé (their father ) is in and out alot but you won’t even notice when he is there . I work from home for Walmart. And the majority of my day I can’t deal with my children I have to between breaks and on my lunch . I could really use the help . I do what I can when I can but I’m so tired most days I can’t do anything at all . Please please someone help me out !

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The Mitchell Family - Hiring in Houston

Part-Time Nanny Job: The Mitchell Family with 1 Child

Jaiden (girl)
Down syndrome
4 hrs 2 days a week mon wed or tues thurs
Stay at home or take her out for fun
Feed her lunch or dinner
Put her down for a nap
I will be home most of the time
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Full-Time Nanny Job: The Carey Family with 1 Child

Looking for a month long babysitter/nanny placement to help as i transition from maternity leave back to work, for our 3 month old daughter. Looking for someone Monday -Friday 8am-5pm, starting April 10-May 5. Must be comfortable with pets (we have 1 dog and 1 cat.)
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Hello I’m Amy and my little guy Ace needs someone to play with for a few hours so Mommie can focus on work. No more than 10hrs a week I work from home so I will be here the entire time but Ace needs extra love and attention feeding diaper changes ect. Starting hours btwn 9-10am and finish at 1pm. Ace is 6mo old active energetic & loves to play.
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Looking for someone who will be available for weekends I work in the night life.
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My daughters name is Jehlani and she is 5 months, She loves watching ms. Rachael on YouTube, you can sit her in her swing, her bouncer or her sitter. The most you will need to do is make her bottles change her, and sometimes she will talk a lot and put her to sleep for her naps. She loves to be rocked to sleep and if fussy she likes walks around the apartment. I would like for us to do a virtual interview and I would like you to come visit the home so you can spend some time with her while I am here. -
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Full-Time Nanny Job: The Withers Family with 4 Children

I’m a sport manger overseeing my brother. Well like to tell more personal
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Full-Time Nanny Job: The Mcgee Family with 1 Child

I work in healthcare and my schedule varies. looking for non smoker with patience. I’m big on health and safety. Just need entertainment, feeding and making sure he sleeps safely. No house work! Just chill and bond!
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Live-In Full-Time Nanny Job: The Nair Family with 1 Child

10 month old. We have a pet dog (well trained and will not interfere in your duties, nanny MUST be comfortable with pets). Currently looking for someone for a couple of hours a week which can turn into full time (9h) ir stay at home once I return to work.

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