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Chelsie V. - Seeking Work in Salt Lake City
Chelsie V.

She’s very good with kids and loves to be around them too. All I can say is that she’s very kind and a humble person. Excellent communication skills, always on time, and she’s a very straightforward person. - Channel

Chelsie V. - Seeking Work in Salt Lake City
Chelsie V.

Chelsie is trustworthy and has such a motherly touch. It was so nice to always know that my son was in good hands and that she cared about my child and their well being. And she’s so sweet and respectful! - Taisha

Brandy R. - Seeking Work in Enoch
Brandy R.

Brandy has been the BEST babysitter EVER! I was super nervous to leave my 2 month old to go back to work and once I met her I wasn’t nervous at all! She takes such good care of my little guy! She understand his needs and wants. She has been with us for almost 1 year now and I would be lost without her! If you are looking for someone to take care of your children, she is the person. - Scout

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What’s the average cost of a child care provider in Utah?

The average cost of a child care provider in Utah is $13.28 per hour. The cost of a child care provider is dependent on the child care provider’s experience, qualifications and location.
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How to Find Affordable Child Care in Utah

Nanny Lane is a child care website to help you find child care near your area in Utah. Our child care services include background checks, PLUS, and payroll.

Understand the Different Types of Child Care in Utah

If you’re looking for affordable child care, you should explore the different types of care and how they compare to each other in Utah. What are the differences between a solo nanny and a nanny share? What about a nanny share vs. daycare? Or nanny share vs. nursery school? Or a solo nanny vs. an au pair? What is a nanny share?

There are lots of options to find affordable child care that works best for your family, and Nanny Lane’s child care services is here to help along the way.

Explore the Costs of Different Child Care Options in Utah

There are various types of child care (solo nanny, nanny share, etc), with different levels of costs. For how much to pay a nanny, key factors that determine cost are experience, the number of children, where you live, and much more. In addition, during the hiring process, you should be considerate of how to handle expenses (e.g. gas, food, etc.).

If you choose a nanny as the best child care option for your family, there are ways to save on nanny costs like an afterschool co-op or having relatives who live close offer child care support on certain days.

Alternatively, you can [split the costs of a nanny)(/guide/family/identifying-your-needs/how-to-split-nanny-share-costs). There are lots of different nanny share setups that highlight how to make nanny shares even if the kids are different ages. With a nanny share, you can find a family first or hire a nanny and consider creating a nanny share. Either way, a nanny share is the most affordable way to employ a nanny.

Find what works best for you and your family. Nanny Lane’s child care services are here to help you along the way.

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