Nanny Share vs. Nursery School

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This can be a complex topic when selecting a car vehicle for your kiddos. The first thing to understand is the difference between a daycare and a nursery school- and how they each compare to a nanny share.

Something many families don't know is that nursery schools are not typically full-day programs. They are often fantastic, educational-based learning centers for preschool-aged children, but have rigid hours, from 9 am to 12 pm. A nursery school as your main childcare solution typically doesn’t cut it if you have two working parents. This is a great option if you’re a stay-at-home parent, looking to socialize your child for a few hours each day.

That said, nursery schools are also used in addition to a nanny or Nanny Share so kids can receive a preschool curriculum, followed by focused attention from a professional caregiver at home. In fact, nursery schools and nannies are best used together.

Daycares, on the other hand, have longer hours, with a higher teacher-child ratio. The days are often longer, with a play-based approach to childcare. Typically a daycare and Nanny Share would not mesh together, but having a part-time nanny can come in handy if your workday has early mornings and late evenings and you need some extra help taking your child to and from daycare. Learn more about the differences between a daycare, a nanny, and a nanny share.

Using a nursery school and a Nanny Share

For parents who are looking to incorporate both a nursery and a nanny share, this can be the best of both worlds, and make finding your partner family, a little bit easier.

Create a nanny share with someone from the preschool

Two families, one school, and one nanny. You both drop your kids off at a nursery school in the morning and head to work. Your co-hired nanny arrives at school in time for pickup, takes both kids back to one house, feeds them lunch, gives them a nap or structured quiet time, then plays games in the afternoon and preps dinner. The dream.

Use your zip code to narrow down families you want to match with on Nanny Lane, then indicate that you are looking for a family from your nursery school and you can get started on your hunt for a share.

Create a nanny share with someone who has a baby

Just because you share a nanny doesn’t mean your kids have to be the same age. In fact, there are many benefits to your child engaging with a younger and older child. The family with the baby will need the nanny 100% of the time, while you’ll need them for less (and will pay accordingly). Another advantage of the nanny needing to care for the baby all morning is that you have a backup plan if your preschool is closed or your child is sick and needs to stay home!

Be specific in your post for a family and explain the set-up as best you can. It might be nice for the family with the baby to know that their child will have one-on-one attention for three hours a day, while they also get to enjoy a reduced rate for childcare.

Create a nanny share with someone who has a school-aged child

Sharing a nanny with someone who needs her only when the elementary school day is finished may work for you as well. This means your nanny would spend 100% of the time with your child, and 75% with both kids.

In addition to narrowing your family search by location, name some local schools that might be convenient, or even walkable, from your house to broaden your search for a family and nanny.

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