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Finding a nanny can seem overwhelming. Who would you hire? How would you find great candidates? How can you save money?

Now that you’ve decided on a nanny, and to let Nanny Lane help you, you need to create a nanny job post. It’s essentially a well-thought out and structured job description.

We recommend writing your nanny job post with your share-family, and focusing on five categories: Job Post Title, About Us, Hours, Qualities and Skills Required, and Responsibilities.

Here are some tips for each section:

Nanny Job Post Title

This will be your headline and what your nanny will see first. Use key pieces of information here such as hours and a necessary quality you need.

Example: Looking for Fun, Reliable Nanny 50+ Hours/Week for nanny share

About Us

Use energy here to describe yourselves and some of your interests. You want to be concise, but you want to give nannies an idea of who you are. You will also want to include info on location, paid time off, and other benefits you might include.

Example: We are two fun-loving families in the Park Slope area, each with one baby under 6 months old (one is 3 months and the other is 5 months). We would love to find a nanny who can stay with us for a year or more. We would greatly value someone with 5+ years of experience as a nanny, who can teach us a few parenting tricks along the way. Ideally, candidates bring great energy and ideas to engage and entertain babies through their toddler years, in a way that will help them reach milestones and find joy in every day.

  • Pay is ____/hour pre-tax, plus overtime
  • We’ll also pay for your transit pass, if needed
  • 2 weeks of vacation


Show the days and times you will need, as well as whether it’s a live-in or live-out position. If some nights or mornings will need more time, ask for flexibility. It’s best not to overwhelm with details. You can sort it out once you start interviewing.

Example: Monday-Friday 8am - 6 pm; Flexibility to work extended hours, but we’ll provide the additional hours well in advance. Live-in preferred, but will consider live-out.

Nanny Qualities and Skills Required

Think of 5-6 must haves, but don’t overwhelm of a nanny may feel she can’t measure up. Some important things to include could be whether they have a driver’s license/vehicle, and if you’re willing to sponsor a nanny from outside the U.S.


  • ____ years of experience
  • Non-smoker
  • Bilingual preferred (English and Spanish)
  • Eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, (having your own vehicle is considered an asset)
  • Organization skills
  • CPR and first-aid certification


Be honest here. If you have a dog, and part of the deal is walking the dog 3 times a day, you need to add it to your list, rather than request it on your nanny’s first day.


  • Following strict nap schedule
  • Making kids 3 meals a day plus snacks
  • Cooking organic meals
  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Planning activities and outings
  • Chronicling day for parents
  • Dog walking 2-3x a day
  • Occasional errands with kids (picking up food at grocery store)

Now that you know what to include in your job post, start writing!

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