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Babysitting Pay Rate

The current babysitting pay rate can encompass a wide range. How much you pay your babysitter can vary widely depending on where you live, how much experience the babysitter has, how many children she’ll be watching, and what her duties will be. Babysitting rates can be anywhere from $5 to $20. Here are some considerations that affect the babysitting pay rate.

  • In general, mother’s helpers who aren’t fully responsible for the care of your children, but are there to assist you, get paid less.
  • Teens and younger aged babysitters tend to have a lower babysitting pay rate as well.
  • Major metropolitan areas tend to command the highest pay rate.
  • The babysitting pay rate may be higher in cases where a babysitter has more years of experience, is caring for more than one of your children, and has specialized training such as CPR certification or early childhood education.
  • Babysitters who have a greater degree of responsibility, such as driving your children or teaching them a specific skill can command higher rates as well.
  • If you’re wondering what the going rate is for babysitting, check with friends and neighbors, other parents, and parenting boards for the current going babysitting pay rate.

You can learn about how different responsibilities, work schedules, and the age of the children being cared for can impact the average hourly rate in your city by going here.

Finding Babysitters When You’re On The Road

Finding babysitters when you’re traveling presents its own set of challenges. You need to find a childcare provider for your little one, but you have to do so from afar. Although finding babysitters when you’re getting ready to go on the road isn’t the same as looking for childcare locally, there are some things you can do to ensure you are dealing with someone you can trust.

  • Check with the hotel you’re staying at to see if they offer a list of recommended babysitters. Always find out what type of prescreening or requirements the hotel has in place for babysitters on their recommended list.
  • Do some research to find out what babysitter agencies are available in the area. Here, you can also be thorough and find out what sort of prescreening measures are in place for individual childcare professionals.
  • Use word of mouth. See if a friend of a friend knows someone in the town you’re visiting and can refer you to a reputable agency or a babysitter.
  • Use an online database, such as, that lets you search and browse through potential babysitters based on area.

Five Questions You Should Ask At A Babysitter Interview

If you have a number of potential candidates lined up for a babysitter interview, you could be on your way to hiring someone qualified to look after your child. To ensure you hire the best possible candidate for your child, it’s helpful to be prepared. Here’s a list of five questions you should ask at a babysitter interview.

  • Ask what experience your babysitter has had and whether she has any experience with a child in the same age group as yours.
  • Ask for references that include past babysitting jobs that an applicant has had.
  • Find out your babysitter’s schedule and availability, making sure it coincides with your needs.
  • Find out if your babysitter has had any CPR training and is familiar with what to do in case of an emergency involving your child.
  • Ask what type of philosophy your babysitter has in taking care of children.

Four Places To Find A Babysitter

Sometimes, figuring out where to find a babysitter to look after your children can be a challenge. Whether you’re a parent who just needs a night out or you’re looking to find a babysitter on a regular basis, there are numerous places you can look.

  1. Online: Going online is one of the easiest ways to conduct your search for a babysitter. At, you are able to view the profiles of numerous candidates interested in a babysitting or nanny position – many of whom live in close proximity to your home.
  2. Agency: Various nanny agencies offer a service that will send a pre-screened babysitter to your home based on your preferences and required hours.
  3. Neighborhood: If you don’t need a professional babysitter, but just want someone to play with and provide basic care for your child, looking in your own neighborhood is an option. Responsible teens looking for part-time work may be interested in babysitting for you.
  4. Friends and Family: Let your friends and family know you are trying to find a babysitter and would like to see if they can refer you to someone. Finding a babysitter through someone you know can be a good starting point for childcare.

How Old Should A Babysitter Hire Be?

If you’re thinking about getting someone to look after your child, you want to make sure that person is mature enough to handle the responsibilities you require. A babysitter hire should be at least 11 years old if she’s looking after your baby, cites the American Red Cross. However, keep in mind that the maturity level of each individual young person is different.

Other experts feel a teenager who is at least 14 years of age makes a better choice for a babysitter. If you’re merely looking for a mother’s helper who will assist you with various tasks throughout the day while you’re at home, most teenagers and preteens will be qualified to handle the job. Other parents may feel more comfortable with an adult babysitter. Regardless of age, the best thing to do is take the time to talk to a potential babysitter hire, get to know her personality and maturity level, and ask for and check references.

Three Things To Think About When Finding A Babysitter

Finding a babysitter can be a little overwhelming. But figuring out where to look and what to look for when finding a babysitter doesn’t have to be difficult. Having a checklist of what to do and what not to do will help you in your search. Here are three tips about how to find a babysitter.

  • When finding a babysitter, give yourself ample time to conduct your search. Settling for someone you’re not sure about can leave you uneasy about your child’s care in your absence.
  • Think for the long-term. Even if you think you’ll just be needing a babysitter for an evening out every so often, it pays to think for the long-term. Having a reliable babysitter you can trust can save you the hassle of repeating your search every time you need someone.
  • Do your homework. When it comes to finding a babysitter, this means asking for references, doing an interview, and seeing how the babysitter interacts with your child or children.

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