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Can I Hire A Nanny Who Is Licensed?

If you’re going to hire a nanny and wondering whether she has to undergo any licensing procedures - the answer is no. However, you can check to see if there are other requirements an applicant needs to have when you’re about to hire them.

First aid and CPR training is something highly qualified nannies should be capable of. Find out whether your nanny has had first aid and CPR training. Coursework in childhood development are also pluses.

Another qualification you can check is whether a nanny has received a certificate for passing the nanny credential exam. It’s an in-depth 90-minute exam that covers issues like child development, safety, and professionalism. The International Nanny Association gives the exam and recommends it for nannies with at least 2,000 hours of job experience.

Guide To Nanny Contracts

Preparing nanny contracts may seem like they involve a lot of legal verbiage, but they don’t have to be complicated documents. In fact, nanny contracts aren’t legally required. But they do make the working relationship between you and your nanny much clearer. Here are some things you should know about nanny contracts:

  • Nanny contracts set the ground rules for the type of relationship you will have with your nanny and outlines the expectations you have.
  • Nanny contracts are important because they provide a measure of protection in case you have an issue or dispute with your nanny in the future.
  • You can write your own nanny contract or you can find a sample version online. Nanny Lane offers an easy-to-make nanny contract that's customized to your needs.
  • The nanny contract should have both your signature and your nanny’s signature. Make a copy of it for yourself and your nanny.
  • A nanny contract doesn’t need to be set in stone. You can make a clause in the contract that states you’ll review the contract in 6 months or a year for possible revisions.

Questions To Ask When You’re Contemplating Hiring A Nanny

If you’re thinking about hiring a nanny, you need to start by making an assessment of what your childcare needs are. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start the process of hiring a nanny:

  • Do you need full-time or part-time care? If you’re looking for part-time care, what days and hours do you need?
  • Do you want a nanny who lives in the home or outside the home?
  • What duties will you require of your nanny? Will she provide just childcare or will she also provide household services as well?
  • How much can you afford to pay your nanny? Is the pay reasonable considering the market and the hours you require?
  • What type of qualities are you looking for in a nanny? Does she need to be upbeat and enthusiastic? Should she be flexible and accommodating?
  • What type of skills and experience do you require? Should your nanny be CPR certified and have an early childhood education background?

Techniques For Interviewing A Nanny

Interviewing a nanny is one of the key defining factors in making a decision on whether a nanny is the best person to care for your child or children. Before starting the process of nanny interviews, find out some techniques that will ease your decision and help you pick the best person for the job.

  • Think about what you expect of your nanny and be prepared with a list of nanny interview questions prior to the interview. There is a sample list of interview questions available to registered members at Nanny Lane
  • When you describe your expectations, such as salary and childcare duties, gauge whether the applicant is a good fit not only by how she answers, but by how she reacts.
  • Ask for and check all references if the nanny seems like a good candidate.
  • Conduct a second interview to make a more informed decision about whether the nanny is a good match.
  • Have your child present so you can assess how the nanny will interact with your child.
  • Trust your gut instinct and intuition, as they are good indicators of whether a nanny is right for your family.

The Nanny Background Check

During the nanny hiring process, you’ll want to find out as much information as you can. References are one way to gain insight into your potential nanny’s previous work history, but if you want to be very thorough, you can conduct a nanny background check. A nanny background check can confirm information such as a nanny’s previous employment history, her educational background, driving record, criminal history, credit report, Social Security number trace, etc. If you do decide to conduct a nanny background check, be advised that the applicant is entitled to a copy of the report.

The Nanny Screening Process

To ensure you’re hiring a nanny who is a suitable caregiver for your child, you can take some measures to screen your nanny. These are some of the measures that a reputable placement agency takes in order to make sure their nanny candidates meet the minimum standards for employment. If you’re not using a placement agency that conducts a thorough screening process, it can be worth your while to do some of the legwork yourself.

  1. References: This includes checking a nanny’s previous employment history and personal and work references.
  2. Background check: This includes taking a nanny’s fingerprints, checking for a criminal record, checking the driving record, and verifying a nanny’s health.
  3. Work eligibility: Checking work eligibility involves verifying either citizenship or proof of legal eligibility to work in the United States.

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